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Halcyon denotes three things Calm- Prosperity-Happiness.  I help people leverage their personal power to make life changing decision.  If that means the process leads to a harmonious life which attracts wealth and brings fulfillment, we have achieved what most people are striving for. Dynamic coaching is a holistic approach to actualize resonant leaders by caring for the person in all aspects with a primary focus on building their emotional intelligence.

Coaching is about awareness. Allowing the person to discover their strengths and building on them.  The key words that come to symbolize the change process are

Relationship  Integrity  Authentic Empowerment Accountability

Mo Khan’s Dynamic Coaching is not about more clarity of another five year plan or some mundane program; it’s realizing the passion for what you do the strategy for the vision and engaging the heart and mind in search of a meaningful future. My dynamic coaching style gets you emotionally engaged and then begins to act on your vision. The focus is on the passion and then turns that passion into real action.

The critical areas for success are:

Self-awareness Social- awareness Self-management Relationship management

If you have been coached in the past and have experienced reversal when the coaching sessions stopped, it has to do with the fact you have not tapped into what motivates you. In other words you have not yet defined your purpose. As individuals we are most motivated when we tap into our dreams and our ideal vision of our life. That vision of your personal life gives you the energy and commitment to make the change.

Change takes a lot of energy and that energy comes intrinsically when you have a purpose. Having a change expert (coach) by your side as you pursue your important goals will keep you focused and you will expend less energy while you tackle bigger changes at a faster pace.  A coach helps you take responsibility for your actions and maximize your potential.

Say for example you are a realtor and hired a coach to help improve your business and he follows a pace-setting style to get a better sales result without identifying your vision. You may get better results in the short term not because your skills have improved or you are more self-aware but because you are more focused.  The moment the coaching ends your performance will fall off.

Mo Khan's Dynamic Coaching will help you develop an intrinsically motivated complete “You” and the process will embed the new habits of success.

Begin the change take action now! Your coach Mo Khan


Helping people leverage their personal power to make life changing decision.When you recognize the connection between today’s goals and your full potential the effect is transformative.