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Gerald Mayes
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Get to Know Gerald Mayes

     My name is Gerald Mayes, I am very young just 24yrs old, I have been doing Real Estate Investing and coaching for 5 years. I really fell in love with real estate when I was just 15 years old when my father, a medium sized construction company owner, showed me how to build a hme and in 3 months he and I framed three track homes in North Las Vegas. Ever since then I have been fairly intrigued. However, it wasn't until I returned home from Iraq that I really started to really want to learn about the investing part of real estate. So my father and I started purchasing homes, fixing them up and reselling them for a profit. Once the market changed however we had to think of new ways to continue. That is how I came up with my Foreclosure Helpers Program, where we get people on the verge of loosing their homes and we save them. The person going through foreclosure saves there home and a majority of their equity.

     On another note I also have a rather large stock of wholesale properties in Nevada, California, and especially Florida. We give them to potential Investors at no less than 20% concessions. So, if you have any interest please feel free to leave me a message on my efax voicemail 702-974-0828 or email me I am always available


My areas of expertise is Foreclosures, REO's, and Wholesale Properties


Mazer Management and Investments is an investment firm that specializes in wholesale properties in Nevada, California, and Florida. We also work with Foreclosures in Nevada as well as REO packages