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Michael Manns, Dyersburg Dyer Co. Inspector (B4 U CLOSE Home Inspections) Home Inspector



Michael Manns
Dyersburg Dyer Co. Inspector
location_on Dyersburg, TN — B4 U CLOSE Home Inspections
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Retired real estate agent so I come from your side of the fence and I understand that as a real estate agent most of the time the difference between your transaction moving forward or not is how I present my inspection findings to your client. I pride myself on being a "Professional Comforter!" Sure the house is still the house but I always convey my findings in a neutral non-scary manner! We help your client to have Peace Of Mind. You've worked hard to get your clients and I want to help you move forward in your closings. I understand that these are your clients that you have worked hard for and they will be treated with the upmost care and respect. 

 Relax, finally a home inspection company you can trust not to scare your client without good reason.  If client is not there I call them to go over the report page by page and item by item. My goal is to be a compliment to your sales process not a hindrance. Lots of pictures not just of problems, but the house in general. Pictures of the living room, kitchen, bedroom and sunroom, etc. Clients take the report to work to show their friends and love looking at the photos of their new home and therefore making you look good for future referrals. A Quality home inspection and a guarantee what more could you ask for. Give us 1% of your confidence and we will earn the other 99%.

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 How I got in the home inspection business. I worked in a factory, worked my way up to mid management only to be layed off, job elimated plant closed. So I got my service pay and was told to have a nice day. As Steven Covey says I spend 15 years working my way up the ladder of success only to find out my ladder was leaned against the wrong wall. I want you to know that I understand your anxities and frustration with the home inspection process, because I'm a former realtor myself. I believe that your frustraction are caused by bad actions that 75% of home inspectors take. Now, I want to share with you the single most difference between B4 U CLOSE Home Inspections and the majority of other inspectors. I convey my findings in a way that doesn't scare your client. Example of how to handle a problem some inspectors might say this wall has rot, but you can't leave the client like that, you have to break it down for them, it's this plank, this plank and this plank. Home Depot and Lowes sells lumber every day add a few nails and paint and your as good as new. I have heard some scary storys about home inspectors blowing a deal for a couple hundred dollars on a $250,000 home (that's crazy). I give you my personal guarantee that I'm not a alarmist! I encourge each of you to give me a try and I look forward to the opporunity of serving your clients real soon. Call me to see why Winning Professional Agent use  B4 U CLOSE Home Inspections and how your losing sales by not using them! 


The two places you don't want to ever hear the words "OH MY GOSH" brain surgery and a home inspection. I convey my finding in a Non-Scary way. Dyersburg, Dyer Co Tn.