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When I first looked into the Private Label Rights industry, my immediate reaction was to turn tail and run. As a veteran writer and editor who still remembers the days when what you wrote was transformed into molten lead, cooled, and mounted onto a thundering printing press, I was appalled by the number of "deals" being offered to buy recycled near-literate ... er, "articles" for real estate websites.  This format looked like nothing a serious journalist would want any part of. It was an embarrassment.. 

It took a few days, but then second thoughts started up in the back of my mind. I'd reported on any number of dot-com new media startups, many of them largely populated by opportunists with little of value to actually bring to market. But in almost every case, sooner or later real players appeared offering truly valuable products or services, and some of them became the 9 million pound gorillas that are fixtures in today's world. 

Was it possible that Private Label Rights was just a new variation on the same theme: a medium in its infancy? Why shouldn't take the leap, help plant a flag where a really valuable new form of syndication should stand? Was I a man or a mouse? 

Happily, I made the unrodent-like decision; and as a result, now I get to deal with smart, literate writers as well as with a subscriber base that's at the head of the pack when it comes to e-smarts. I'm also certain that our group is now established as the first top-quality exponent of what could turn out to be a headline industry.  




Mitchell Claymore is chief editor of RealtyPLR, LLC, a subscription-based Private Label Rights publisher catering to the real estate industry. His blog can be found at http://plrheadquarters.com/blog/