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Been an active real estate investor for 15 years.  Entire focus is now geared towards helping underwater homeowners reach a "settlement" with their lender.  Approximately 20% of homeowners nationally are underwater and when you add homeowners who have experienced a financial hardship, the numbers are simply astounding.

I address this overwhelming need a bit differently than agents do.  Most agents do not look forward to facilitating short sales -- that is not why they entered the real estate business in the first place, -- it is very time consuming, resource heavy, and requires a lot of constant communication and updates.  Agents do not like contacting the lender, waiting on hold for extended periods of time nor keeping all of the required paperwork updated.  They'd rather focus on listing, showing, and selling real estate.

I work for the sellers, and help them avoid foreclosure, and get compensated when I successfully resell the property.

I have established criteria as to which prooerty I will take to facilitate a short sale on.  That is due to my experience and built up knowledge as to which property makes for a viable and ideal short sale.  I also tend to focus on the higher priced homes -- homes where the homeowner has put very little or even no money down and is now faced with the real reality that his home is not able to be sold for what is owed.  The Seller must have a ligitimate hardship and also must NEED to sell his home.

If I can help you (or anyone you know) please contact me.  My contact information is listed above.  Thank you.



Real Estate Professional, Investor, Broker and Owner. Focus is to help severely underwater homeowners reach a settlement with their lender as quickly and painlessly as possible.