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Damian Lejzorowicz
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Get to Know Damian Lejzorowicz

At Michigan Lending Group our mission is to become and remain a forerunner in the mortgage market. Our customers will include but not be limited to real estate agents, builders, current home owners and future homeowners. Our loans will consist of responsible and ethical lending. We will have constant and consistent communication throughout the loan process and well beyond closing. We will set a new standard of integrity in mortgage lending and stand in a class all by ourselves.


As president and founder of Michigan Lending Group, L.L.C., Damian handles all aspects of the company. He currently runs the company unassisted. Damian founded Michigan Lending group in September 2007 and has had years of experience in mortgages.

Damian was employed at a Fortune 500 mortgage company in Michigan for three years and had the best mortgage training in the country.  He was bread to understand consumers' needs, to make them happen, and to be persistent.

About six months later after a brief stop at small mortgage company Damian concluded that he wanted to be in charge of the entire process. He wanted to help people.  He did not want someone in charge of him telling him to charge    more points and raise costs just to meet the needs of a company with a lot of overhead costs.

He didn't want his customers to have pay for company's outrageous reward system, to finance the three million dollar home owned by the company president, or the purchase of a Sports Team. He wanted to ensure the right thing was being done for the consumer and believed he could help consumers much more ethically.

At that time however Damian was not ready to open his own company so he deiced on the 2nd best thing. He work branch manager for a web based Mortgage Company based out of Washington; he was in charge of everything but the loan audits.  The owners ended up selling to the company and the new owners closed the doors; they the not end up seeing profitability in the company.  

All of this led Damian to found Michigan Lending Group September, 2007. Damian is hardworking, professional, and dedicated to helping consumers with their mortgages. Damian believes that if he puts his customers in the right program the first time, he will not only be acting in their best interest, but he will also grow Michigan Lending Group by simply acting with honesty and integrity.

"My vision s a mortgage lender is to write your loan as I would write mine. Living by this motto allows me to give you the best possible loan that is reasonably priced for you situation. Living by this value allows both of us to benefit from this loan process. By helping you in the right way, you will be in a financially secure program and I will succeed by ethical loan writing and great service."