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Before I was a Realtor . . .

Because I love my career in real estate, I am so very thankful for the exceptional career I enjoyed prior to becoming a Realtor.  That experience makes me an even better agent for my Buyers and Sellers and one uniquely qualified to market the most expensive investment families own. 

Before I was a Realtor, I was a professional advertising copywriter in Dallas.  For several years I wrote advertising every day, all day, focusing on creating marketing campaigns for many different clients.  I became adept at writing TV commercials, radio spots, magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, catalogs and brochures.  I interviewed and hired voice talent, actors and models and helped plan special events and promotions all for the ad agency's miriad of clientelle.   

Then, came that fleeting magical moment in time, 10 years, where I was a full-time stay-at-home mom.  Best job in the world!  But, as the third and youngest of my precious children started school all day, I set my sites on the next career in my life. 

The move to real estate was a logical next step . . . 

We had just moved our family from Dallas to the McKinney area -- specifically the Stonebridge Ranch master-planned community.  In my typical fashion, I had researched everything about the community and toured practically every home on the market.  It wasn't long before I was finding new homes for my friends -- the perfect homes, in fact!  I knew McKinney homes inside and out!  That, along with my inside connection to the best mortgage banker in Dallas (my husband Max), launched my new career! 


How does my background benefit you, my client? 

My professional advertising experience directly benefits my clients!  Now, instead of creating marketing campaigns for fast-food chains, hotels and home builders, I put that professional advertising expertise to work for Home Sellers.  I create the strongest marketing pieces and craft the most strategic marketing plans for every homeowner I represent.  That part of my job is non-negotiable.  It's a matter of personal pride!  Everything representing my Seller and the Seller's property is deliberate, purposeful and top quality! 

For Home Buyers, I approach every home search like I'm looking for the best home possible for my own family.  I know what it's like to be looking for that First Home.  I know what it's like when your family is growing and you want a wonderful place for the kids to make memories.  I've been there myself and I've helped many, many other families find their perfect home as well.

For most people there is no bigger transaction that they will ever participate in than the sale or purchase of their home.  It requires many steps to navigate through the murky waters of home selection and negotiation, to the peaceful banks of the completed real estate transaction.  Seeking solid advice from a professional who really knows the local market could make a big difference, couldn't it? 


When thinking of buying a home . . .

My home buying philosophy is on the conservative side.  Just because you qualify for $XXX,000s dollars, doesn't mean you need to buy a house that costs every penny of that money.  Find out how much you qualify for, then choose how much you care to spend!  When you work with me, finding the best home for you at the best value is my top priority!  You will never, ever, be encouraged to spend more than you feel comfortable with.

Before you look at homes, you need to:

Talk with a lender and find out if you qualify to buy a house, and Find out how much of a loan you qualify for. 

Then you need to discuss with that lender, how much of a mortgage payment you are comfortable making each month.  Through this conversation you will come up with the housing price point that you are ready to search. 


About Getting Financing . . .

Not all Lenders, Brokers, or Mortgage companies are the same.  The lending institution you choose and the person handling that transaction makes a difference in how smooth and worry-free your home buying experience is. 

Additionally, the Interest Rate, while important, isn't the only factor that determines your expenses.  Often times loan applicants think they are getting a great deal because they only focus on the rate, not realizing that there are sometimes extra fees or conditions built in to the loan. 

It's important to know your program options -- what type of loan will work best for your situation.  Some lenders will only show Buyers the loan type that makes the lender the most money, and because most Home Buyers have little experience in obtaining financing, they don't realize that they have choices.  You want to work with a loan officer who will put you in the right program to save you money.  After all, you could possibly be locked into that payment for 30 years. 

I work with lenders who have proven track-records of excellence in their industry and reputations for looking out for their clients' best interests.  If you're interested in my recommendations, contact me at or call 972-816-7205.

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Ever seen a professional's name with a whole list of letters and credentials stringing along after it?  What does it all mean?  Well, in real estate, it means that the professional has spent additional hours/weeks/years on training to be a more specialized agent.  Over the past several years, I have focused on attaining the designations that benefit my clients most. 

Accredited Seller Representative (ASR)  A great percentage of my time is spent working with sellers.  It makes sense that having even more specialized education in the most crucial details that benefit Sellers is a bonus for my clients.  The ASR education has been invaluable. 

Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource (SFR)  It would be just fine with me if we never needed this expertise, but the unfortunate reality is that foreclosures are a big part of the market.  Buyers are always interested in the possibility of a great deal -- Sellers and homeowners watch them closely hoping that their neighborhoods will escape the negative impact on values that distressed properties can bring. 

Short Sales have a deceptively simple sounding name but require enormous patience and fortitude that, frankly, most buyers and their agents are not prepared to endure.  It takes a skilled professional, knowledgeable in the specifics of Short Sales, to navigate those treacherous waters.

Graduate, Realtor Institute (GRI)   To me, this education is like Realtor grad school.  After the many hours of study and test taking, an individual becomes licensed to practice real estate.  The professionals who continue on with the GRI training are committed to providing a superior level of real estate expertise.

I am a REALTOR.  As a member of the National Association of REALTORS, the Texas Association of REALTORS, and the Collin County Association of REALTORS, I adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that the average licensed real estate agent is not bound by. 


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