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Get to know Matt Bossow

 "The hardest working person I've ever met" is a response I often receive.  My career in real estate started in the early 90's when I bought my first house, which was also my first flip.  Until 2006 I owned a residential and commercial general contracting company licensed in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.  The years spent overseeing the contracting company proved invaluable to my success as a full time real estate adviser and broker.

 Below is a list of what I consider to be my best qualities specific to real estate.

The ability to accurately assess a properties condition. The ability to negotiate. The ability to prioritize. Extensive knowledge of contracts. The ability to use technology to promote, manage and adapt. The acute understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction.

 How do these skills ensure my clients real estate transaction will be a great one?

Accurately assessing a properties condition before my clients move forward with a sale saves them time and money. Example: If I notice moisture in a crawl space I let my buyers know what I think the outcome will be if an inspection of the property occurs.  Should they move forward, they at least know what major issues to expect.  Most of my buyers will move on to the next house that doesn't have visual problems.  At the very least, it saves the cost of a home inspection but more importantly, it saves time. Negotiation is the key to any successful transaction.  My years spent working with homeowners, building owners, property managers, tenants and sub-contractors gave me an acute understanding on how to negotiate and how important negotiation is to a successful outcome. Prioritizing assures every part of the process has a place and a time. Schedules, checklists and continuous contact with all parties involved translates to a much higher transaction success rate. Every real estate transaction involves contracts.  Although I cannot advise you on legal advice, my knowledge of each form/contract and how they are used creates opportunities for my clients. Technology is the key to survival.  From my custom website to the proprietary spreadsheets I developed my use of technology advances beyond the expected. Customer satisfaction, to me, is the highest priority.  If my clients are not satisfied then I have not done my job.  Each transaction is dependent on my ability to complete that transaction never forgetting about my client's vision and understanding.


If you chose to hire me as your agent, I pledge that if at any point you are not satisfied with anything I will make your satisfaction my priority.  If you are still unhappy we will agree to shake hands and call it a day!

I invite you to contact me about you real estate needs, you will not be disappointed.


Matt Bossow, SFR

Real Estate Advisor/Broker


I specialize in REO's, short sales and investment properties.  Since I am an active investor myself I know how to find these properties and what price to pay for them.

I also represent buyers' by incorporating my investment and contracting experience.  The process of buying a home can go smoothly or it can go bad, it all depends on how knowledgeable your agent is and what systems he has in place to ensure everything goes smoothly.  I have developed several proprietary spreadsheets and lists that keep everything related to the purchase of a property on track.

Sellers' will receive the same level of commitment. Too often, especially in our internet driven world, after the listing agent lists the property nothing else is done to promote the sale.  I embrace technology and utilize everything possible to promote my listings which typically results in a quicker sale with a higher price.

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