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Get to Know Maya Swamy

My life has always been about the people in it. The people I work with. The people I love and those I like. There are people I have met casually and those I have come to know a lot better. What they have in common is:  between them,  they made up my days and those days made up my life. So as we’re starting to getting acquainted,  I thought I would tell you something about me. I’d like to share with you my experience with just three of my clients.


Vika and her husband came to me very eager to buy a home for their family.  We reviewed what they wanted and needed in their home.  Their income seemed enough to do it and then I pulled their credit.  Their score was too low and their debts too high to get a mortgage. We carefully went over their finances and figured out a plan for them to pay down their debts.

Eighteen months later their debts were down and their score was up .  What they didn’t have was a down payment.  I told them about the City’s down payment program and was able to help them go through the convoluted application process.  By now,  I knew them well.  When they were approved;  I showed them three homes that met their needs and they loved one. Thirty days later they were in.  I don’t know who was happier, them or me.


Jack and Lucille needed to sell their home fast. They had to have an accepted offer with all contingencies cleared in just 21 days. The time was critical but as long as they got a fair price they weren’t too worried about leaving a few dollars on the table. It could have happened with traditional marketing but they needed certainty. I came up with a unique marketing plan. 


We advertised that the highest offer on the 10th day would be accepted if they could clear contingencies as required.  Offers were due by noon. We held the house open every day from nine to seven for 9 days.  People came through in large numbers and then the offers  began coming  in. We accepted the highest offer, Jack and Lucille met their goals and they left no money on the table.


Phil’s grandmother had died recently leaving her home in trust for her five grandsons. The others wanted to sell and take their money. Phil however,  wanted to keep his grandmother’s house. He wanted to buy the others out. What he didn’t have was money.  He had his share of the house but he wouldn’t have the money from it  till it sold.  Banks however,  want you to have the money before you close. I talked to 38 banks and finally found one which would take the money for down payment at closing.  I was glad to help Phil keep his grandmother’s home.



List! Buy! Save! is not your ordinary Long Beach real estate Brokerage.  Unlike most real estate companies that force you to do things one way or their way, we believe you should have choices to pick and choose what best fits your individual needs. 

We are always looking for new ways to make and Long Beach real estate more efficient AND less costly for our clients, without sacrificing quality or service. If you’re looking to buy a home in Long Beach or sell your existing Long Beach property, we will be happy to take care of your real estate needs. Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service while utilizing the best practices and systems available.

Our key emphasis is YOU. Your wants. Your Needs. Your goals.  Our skills come in using both high tech and traditional tools and adapting them to your situation


List! Buy! Save! is not your ordinary Long Beach real estate Brokerage. Unlike most real estate companies that force you to do things one way or their way, we believe you should have choices to pick