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Maribeth Lynch
Independent Real Estate firm servicing Shrewsbury
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Get to Know Maribeth Lynch

I'm a doer, and as such my mind never stops thinking about ways to provide a more authentic experience for my clients. At the core of our company is the desire to be of service to anyone who needs our help, all the while staying current and informed on anything that will affect our local real estate market. What's to know about me as a person? I love my family, my dog and my country. My friends are cherished and I have a lot, but I am always interested in meeting new people and experiencing new things. I get bored easy, so I am constantly reading and studying so I can experience new things all the time. I love being decisive, active and authentic. My life is amazing-I practice gratitude, honesty and hope in large daily doses.




Listening, analyzing and doing.


The headline should not be your Realtor, it should be your House. We make YOU shine, and will sell your house for the most money possible in the current market-We've got this!