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93% of Email Signatures Suck. Does Yours?

I’ve seen a lot of email signatures over my 14+ years in the real estate business, and the majority of them are absolutely horrible.

You’ve certainly seen some bad ones as well. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that the email signature you’re personally using right now isn’t branding yourself as the professional that you truly know you are.

Don’t fret… If your email signature is a mess, it’s really not your fault – You simply don’t have the time, skills, or resources to create a professional, functional email signature that actually helps your business, as opposed to hurting it.

Below are just a few glaring issues that I see most often. If your email signature suffers from any of these issues, then your professional image suffers as well.

No call-to-action - Give people a valuable reason to get a hold of you, and chances are they will. Simple calls-to-action such as “Get a Quote”, “Featured Listings”, “Free Consultation”, or even “Learn More” can be very effective, when used properly.

The signature is just one giant, stupid image - This makes it a hassle for people to add you to their contacts, and if images are turned off, your contact information won’t display at all.

Broken and/or pointless links - “Find Us on Facebook!” takes prospects to a page that hasn’t been updated in years, or worse yet, a page that doesn’t even exist.

Not formatted for mobile - What might look good on a PC turns into a complete disaster when viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

I could go on, but our time is valuable...

I'm fed up with seeing ugly, worthless email signatures that do absolutely nothing to help, and oftentimes hurt, the sender's business goals.

Your email signature is your digital business card, so it’s absolutely crucial for your email signature to show your prospects, customers, clients and peers that you take your business seriously.

Do you have an email signature? If so, how well does it represent you and the way you do business?

Shoot me an email at with your email signature and I'll give you actionable advice regarding how you can improve its effectiveness to help build your business.

I, and your prospects, look forward to hearing from you.


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