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Cashflowing - REACH only purchases houses that provide a minimum of $500/month in cashflow above all the expenses!! Pre-determined exit srategy - REACH's houses are usually sold to a tenant/buyer before actually purchased and at a significant profit. Secure and upward trending economic environment - Edmonton is ranked the #1 city to invest in Alberta by Cutting Edge Research. The Alberta Oilsands represent a significant and long-term supply of oil to a world economy that is highly dependent on it. Little or no property maintenance - If you were to become a 50/50 Joiont-Venture partner on a Lease-to-Own property, you would benefit directly from the fact that the tenant/buyer assumes all maintenance of the property. You earn the profit along the way - Most Real Estate investment models pay their investor's out at the END of the investment term or when the property sells. With Lease-to-Own, you earn some of the profit "up front" (in the form of the non-refundable initial down-payment), some during the course of the investment (in the form of the monthly cashflow) and some at the "back end" (once the property is sold)...thus allowing you to see your money working for you.

Honestly, these are just a few of the benefits that the Lease-to-Own model provides to its investors. Contact REACH Housing Solutions Inc. today and leverage their expertise and extensive marketting today!!

At REACH we earnestly strive to create “win-win” relationships. We recognize that owning a home is likely the most important financial decision you will make in your lifetime. We also recognize that it is by far the BEST financial decision you will make in your lifetime. Owning personal Real Estate is the most utilized path to financial independence. It is usually the backbone of any successful financial portfolio. Buying a home matters that much!! At REACH, if it’s important to you…it’s important to us!! We offer a variety of flexible home-ownership plans and a virtually limitless selection of housing inventory to best suit the specific needs of each client. Regardless of your situation, it is likely we have an ownership program that will enable you to purchase a quality home.

We are an Edmonton, Alberta based Real Estate Investment company that specializes in Lease-to-Own purchase programs.