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Liza Barnes
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Get to Know Liza Barnes

Not surprisingly, we’re often asked about our name - Velvet Hammer Interiors. And quite frankly, it makes us smile! Simply put (velvet hammer style), we’re graceful, polished and extremely compassionate towards our clients and their needs...that’s the ‘velvet’ that makes our process of prepping homes for sale smooth, stress-free and a positive experience. But we have an extremely important job to do...quickly and efficiently transforming your home into a product that is highly marketable to a targeted buyer audience in order to obtain maximum! That’s the ‘hammer’ that clients pay for, expect from us and the value we deliver. Our results-driven focus is fuelled with passion, energy and constant creativity. We bring you the best of the best and build our reputation on word of mouth and client referrals. We love what we do...and it shows!


We transform your ‘home’ into a highly marketable 'product' for today’s savvy buyer, strategically highlighting and emphasizing your home’s features and benefits in a way that emotionally connects with a targeted buyer audience.  It’s all about first impressions in today’s competitive real estate market!



This is our first meeting with you in your home and takes up to 2 hours depending on square footage.  Together, we conduct a tour of your home (exterior and interior) and identify each room’s features and benefits.  

Our assessment and recommendations are clearly outlined in the CSP (Certified Staging Professional) Room Ready Handbook...a 57 page booklet customized for you and your home detailing cost effective suggestions and a prioritized list of home improvement recommendations for both the interior and exterior.  Measurements are taken.  Before pictures are snapped.  Finally, showcasing requirements and budget parameters are discussed.



The work required to physically prep the home prior to the final Showcasing step includes: painting, repairs, minor renovations, cleaning, sorting, organizing, de-contenting and storing items.  Valuables and cherished personal items need to be packed away and stored for safe keeping until the move to your new home.  

Our clients lead busy urban lifestyles with little time to spare.  Therefore, we are often requested to roll-up our sleeves and take on the coordination of the work required to complete this second step.  With the help of our network of preferred suppliers, we ensure top notch work is completed fast and efficiently.  A quote can be requested.



With the prep work completed,  Velvet Hammer Interiors returns to your home to ‘set the stage’!  We execute the plan for showcasing your home.  This includes elements such as furniture arrangement (both existing and rented), accessory placement (lighting, artwork, throw pillows, rugs, linens, etc.).  

For a brief moment, while wandering through your newly staged home, you’ll wonder why you decided to sell such a gorgeous home.  But when the offers begin rolling in at the list price or better, you’ll know you made the right decision - to stage your home with Velvet Hammer Interiors in return for top market value! 



Velvet Hammer Interiors is a full-service Home Staging | Redesign company offering customers a fresh approach to preparing homes to sell for top market value in the least amount of time.