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Join a Network of SoCal agents leveraging our "Surrogate" Real Estate Search & Lead Capture Website.

"Links for Leads" allows local agents to own a zip code on a high traffic website and receive free buyer and seller leads.


Leverage An Entire Region of Agents & Grow Your Online Presence

The most challenging aspect of dominating the search engines is creating a website that stands out as an authority within its market area. Aside from onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a website needs the endorsement of other real estate related websites via one-way links and social media. Without these offsite efforts, a website is generally rendered powerless in the organic (free) search results pages.   Unfortunately, this is the most challenging and time consuming aspect of SEO – and most real estate agents make little headway in their attempt to earn back-links and Page Rank.   Luckily, we have a zero-cost solution that can dramatically increase your web-presence, and potentially sky-rocket your real estate business profile to the top of the search pages.     How it Works is a "Surrogate" Real Estate Search & Lead Capture Website for multiple agents in non-competing areas throughout Southern California. The site acts as an entry point for prospective buyers and sellers, and delivers FREE geo-targeted LEADS and web-advertising for local agents in exchange for participation in our modest link-building and social media campaign. An entire region of agents can work synergistically to bolster their own web-presence and increase their organic lead flow.   Every participating agent will receive 1 exclusive zip code for every 1 link they submit from the homepage of their website to our website. From time to time, agents will also be asked to collaborate in Social Media projects that utilize Google +1, Twitter, and Facebook, among other SEO strategies.   (All participants must have a homepage PR of at least 1 in major cities, and PR 0 in smaller cities. No un-rated sites will be considered in this project.)   This system will inevitably produce hundreds upon hundreds of one-way links from small-but-modestly-authoritative agent sites, building the PR of our homepage, which will delegate PR strength to the County, City, and Listing Pages. Additionally, the Social Media collaboration could exponentially increase each of our contact lists, driving more prospective buyer and seller traffic, which means more leads for everyone.   By leveraging a collective of web-savvy agents that are synergistically linking to one another via a common domain, this should result in a massive increase in everyone’s personal web-presence.   Real Estate Agents can continue to use pay-per-click or pay Venture Capital Run real estate search sites like Tr***a and Z****w for often worthless ad impressions and re-sold “leads”, or we can join a collective of agents that are creating their online competition for free.   This is a no-brainer, and a win/win for everyone involved. Every agent gets an exclusive zip code, and all of the exclusive email and phone leads associated with it.   Sign-Up For The Collective and Receive FREE & Exclusive Leads   Simply have your webmaster place a link to our homespage from anywhere on your homepage using one of the following anchor text formats:   California Real Estate   Orange County Real Estate Los Angeles Real Estate Listings     Once the link is up on your site, simply email us the page address where the link is located, and tell us what zip code you want to generate leads from. We will associate your name and contact info with every listing in your zip code on our site, and all of our lead forms will forward directly to your email!   FREE REAL ESTATE LEADS + Top Placement in Search Engines!   If you would like to join ListingPoint in this limited time endeaver, please visit our sign up page at: