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Winter loves to cook, drink white wine, change her hair color & talk about herself in the third person. She feels that cleaning house is a waste of time & she’d much rather cultivate dust bunnies than vacuum.

Winter has been a computer geek since the early 1980s and has been known to turn down diamonds in favor of a new techie toy! She has made her living as a Wang Administrator, MicroStation Intergraph Drafter, Technical Writer, and a Network Admin for Netware, Solaris & Windows. She’s also worked as a hardware/software technical support analyst for more years than she cares to admit.

Her quaint hobbies include fire-eating, high performance driving, micro-brewing and cheese-making. Someone once told her to go fly a kite … so she did – and enjoys both dual and quad-line kite f

In her spare time, she fires up the blowtorches to create lampwork beads for jewelry, makes chainmaille bracelets & takes out her frustrations by beating the “you-know-what” out of sheet metal using a mallet. lying. She learned how to write computer programs using punch cards and was taught the hard way to always number her cards (thanks, George).  She likes french fries with mayo and still believes the best cook on the planet is her Mom.

... and people wonder why she doesn’t have time to clean house! <evil grin>


Having dabbled in online marketing for many years, she rang in 2011 by turning her attention towards new adventures in earning. She stumbled into the offline marketing world (marketing computer & internet-type services to local brick-and-mortar businesses) while browsing on the Warrior Forum. The more she read, the more everything just seemed to click into place – allowing her to combine past work experience with a brand new field. She’s applying all she’s learned over the years towards helping her offline business clients grow their businesses and keeping them very happy.

While helping her local business clients, Winter had the opportunity to write an educational book on setting up and configuring Google Places (now Google Plus Local), a very beneficial directory Google created just for local businesses. Once she got her fingers in the writing pie, Winter discovered that she totally LOVES writing books & training material that helps people use the internet and their computers to build their businesses. Nothing is more satisfying than to hear that one of her books has helped take a confusing subject and make it simple to understand AND start using!  So far she has ghostwritten 3 Amazon Best Sellers, plus the books she’s written under her own name: The Ultimate Google+ Local Formula, CSI: Google Plus Local and Pinterest Marketing Mojo -- and other books targeting specific niche markets such as Real Estate, Construction/Remodeling and the Food Industry. In addition to which, she has partnered on another, Google Places Zen Master - about to be re-released for its Second Edition.

In addition to writing books, Winter also teaches the material from her books in online webinars and in semiars for local and regional businesses.


Computer Geek | Wordsmith | Marketer | Author | Call me today for your Mobile Apps & Sites, QR Mgmt, SEO, Social Media, Web Design & Facelifts, Video Marketing and Facebook Facelifts & Marketing.