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Laurie Clark
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Get to Know Laurie Clark

As a Realtor with over 10 years experience I have been successful with helping many people with there Real Estate needs. Unlike allot of Realtors that got into this business to make tons of money, I did because I was taken advantage of buying my first home. I am the kind of person that learns from hard knocks and have had my share. I can relate to most all people whom I work with and develop relations as I have been on both sides of the spectrum. I believe me being a Realtor is a calling from god. At times I questioned things happening to me to find out later there sure was a purpose. I know the market is crazy right now. For people who have extra money, it would be crazy of them to not invest in Real Estate. For people struggling please be careful in who you turn to, you may set yourself up with another scam. Be aware if someone asks you for upfront money or to sign your deed over to them. As an example, when buying a home make sure the lender is not charging you 9 % to get in a home when it only costs 6%. You won't really know because the lender charges all kinds of fees on the front and back end. They are now required by law to give you a good faith estimate to show you up front what they are charging. Why use a broker when you can go to the bank and cut those middle man charges? Just my opinion from experience. Get a good faith estimate and shop your lenders. My biggest business is helping those no one else will help! I am a Short Sale Specialist and it really bothers me for people to have the misconception that you have to be 3 months behind to do a Short Sale. Really are you kidding me? No do not wait....if you are having problems get it fixed right away. You have options and you need to be aware of them. Things change everyday!! I spend a minimum of an hour a day learning and researching myself, whether I have to stay up to 4 am I do it. I owe it to my clients to be the best I can be and to help them. I may not know all the answers but I will be honest with you. If I have to refer you, I will. There are options for every person and no one should ever be turned away. We Realtors need to learn Loan Modifications for our clients wanting to stay in there homes. You know lawyer are advertising this like crazy and we are the ones that do this for a living, we know our market and prices of homes, we are the ones best suited. Please take the time to learn Short Sales, loan mods and help our community. I have been doing many Short Sales because itr seems ither agents do not want to do them. I am fine with that. I will sell a 30k home with as much pride and dedication that I will sell a 5 Million Dollar home. 


I started out in 2000 working with Banks doing REO's  and BPO's. I bet many agents did not even know what they were back then but now there is a feeding frenzy trying to get by and having banks hire them to list the foreclosures and do . I worked with several Builders working New Construction and enjoyed that very much. I started getting referrals from past clients and started listing resale homes and finding buyers homes. I also have had my share of Commercial listings and vacant land, apartment complexes, duplexes. I have worked with investors and sold packages of homes. I have learned to spot when something is not right and smell a rat pretty fast. I have no tolerance for fraud nor scams. I am very passionate almost to a fault about being a Realtor. I know when someone is making one of the biggest investments, if not the biggest investment of there lives, I take it very seriously. I believe that is why I am fortunate to have referral's from clients and past clients alike. The biggest compliment I can receive is a referral.


Experienced Realtor keeping up with todays changes in the Real Estate Market. Short Sales, Credit repair, Loan mod, Expose Fraud & Scams. Promote Educational Seminars. Buyer and listing agent.