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Why should a seller list with us? (1)Well being the oldest agency in the area openning our doors to business in 1962, we have the most  history & experience in the area. When it comes to remembering when this happened or that, we were here when unless it happened before 1960. (2(We go to all showings- no giving out the key or a combination. When someone is in your house for a showing , we are there with them. There to answer their questions when they are looking  and not when they have already forgotten that they asked . There to show off the details of your house that only your listing agency will know. (3) Realtor.com is the top search site in the nation for buyers- we spend a good portion of our advertising budget on Realtor.com. We have their showcase listings . This allows us to post up to 25 pictures inside and out of your home to prosepctive buyers. It allows us to give a teaser message at the top of your listing to make them want to take a look at your property over another listing not showcased . It allows us to write a lot of information  about your property instead of the one liner that nonshowcased listings do not have. It allows us to add a quick tab email me questions, a virtual tour of the property , a link to our website and more. This will get your home featured to more potential buyers then any other listing on Realtor.com . This will not mean that you will sell it right away but it will mean that it will get the most exposure and have the best chances  if it. It is like a puppy in the pound- the one that shows its most positive features to get you to look, is the most likely to walk home.  Realtor.com's showcase homes get your house the most hits possible  . We also subscribe to their featured homes  having purchased 2 of the featured home in Campton/Thornton and one in Waterville Valley. When a potentialproperty buyer goes to Realtor.com and punches in the town or zipcode for Campton/Thornton or Waterville Valley , the first thing they will see before the listings available in that town is up to 4 listing on the left side of the page called featured homes . At this moment King Realty is the only agency in Campton/Thornton to have featured homes and it gets many more hits then do any other property. In addition, we put your home /land/condo/ business on other internet sites set up for real estate such as craigslist.com, postlets, Backpage,hotpads and more . But the internet is not the only place we advertise we have flyers that we put out in the local establishments, lakes Region Guide is put throughout the state including in the rest areas , Providence Journal and sometimes in our local papers depending on the property . King Realty has the best location for walkins as we are just off the highway as soon as one comes into town or heads towards Waterville Valley , between the two gas stations - Mobil and Citgo. And finally we are the only office that works for the seller  and not for the buyer . Our fiduciary responsiblity is to the seller only . That means we will never ask you to allow us to allow us represent the buyer too  because which one will be represented better? Not going to happen here - seller , we represent you and only you.


Buyer why work with an office that represents the seller? Well if you want a buyer agency we are glad to work with you and your agent. But remember your buyer agent is only as good as what they an do for you . Can they tell you about the construction of the house you are looking at? No and they should not -they are not a home inspector. They have no expertise in the field of construction unless they have been or are presently in the construction field. Can they tell you about the septic or the water ? no and they shouldn't again for the same reason. Can they help you narrow down the field of houses you are looking for , sure that is a big part of their job and any agent can do that for you buyer, seller or dual- but do you want them to . Do you want someone else deciding what you look at and what you don't ? Can they tell you or help you decide  what to offer, yes they can . And as a seller agent I  can not help you here . If you are an educated buyer again, is this what you want? Can they help you to find a home inspector, yes again any agent can do this for you . Again be cautious on this one- in the state of NH, there is no licensing for home inspectors. If you are a smart consumer you will take the time to know what you are getting. Make the phone calls yourself, check their credentials , know that the person inspecting your future house knows what he or she is looking for and what they are seeing when they see it. Can they help you find a lawyer, bank  or closing company, all agents can do this for you. So what is the difference between a Seller broker and other forms of agency, because a seller agent works for the seller it is their job to get the seller the best deal that they can get for their property while being honest,integrity  and helpful to the buyer they are required to disclose everything they know about the property. It is about the seller and his or her reasoing in selling that is not disclosable if it could have any financial gain in the selling price  on the part of the buyer to know (ther is a caviat to that - if the seller wants this information disclosed - the seller agent must  disclose it ). So if you are a buyer why come to King Realty a seller agency  to buy your house? Well if you are an informed buyer you may come to us for our experience . and if you want to bring your buyer agent with - come on up.


We have history and experience  ! Serving the Gateway to New Hampshire's White Mountains since 1962. We are two generations strong as my parents Roger and Roberta King started this business from their home  across the street from the Campton Lower Village Market in 1962 . And  now that my children are coming of age  to take the course requirements and testing , it will not be long before King Realty will be three generations strong.


King Realty has been serving central NH Gateway to the White Mountains since 1962 . Serving Campton, Thornton, Plymouth, Ellsworth , Waterville Valley, Lincoln, Rumney www.kingrealtynh.com 6037268642