Kevin Phillipson, NMLS: 167468 (Emery Federal Credit Union )

Dover , DE 19904

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It's an important decision to buy, sell or refinance real estate. As a community banker, my job is to support you by providing valuable insight and expertise so you can make an informed choice.

Get to know Kevin Phillipson

Hi!  My name is Kevin, and I live in Dover, Delaware with my wife, Angie, and our five kids, Tate, Torey, Chris, Melissa and Ryan. We have 3 grandkids, Areanna, Alecia, and Chad Jr.

I played rugby for many years in South Africa, Minnesota, Texas and here in Delaware. I have coached and refereed for 12 years. I play golf when I can, not as much as I would like, and I am a member of Rotary, Toastmasters International and The Inner Circle.

I haven't always been a mortgage planner. I owned a computer company for many years, as well as doing some public speaking and facilitation for business owners to develop business and strategic plans. I have an MBA and working on my Doctorate in Business Administration.

I grew up in South Africa, immigration in 1992 and became a US citizen since 2004. I served in the South African Army for 2 years. My family live all over the world, mom is still in South Africa, dad is in MN, Colin, my brother is in Bahrain, Tracy, my sister is in TX, and aunt, uncle and cousins in SA, Canada and Australia. Although we are spread far apart, we are close and speak as often as we can.

I love what I do, encouraging and helping people reach their personal goals. I see my job as helping people find the right program and options that work for them. I believe strongly in education, for my customers, loan officers, and personally. I believe knowledge builds confidence and a confident client, loan officer and person will be loyal to the source of the knowledge. An educated person will also always have options or their own creation, that is freedom.

Angie and I love to bike ride, swim and spend time with our kids and grand kids. We work together each day and love to travel and explore, whether it is a great restaurant down the shore, long drives in new areas up the road or in another state, doing it together is the best part.

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My partner, Brian Kelly and I developed a program to provide our originators the ability to spend 80% of their day originating and provide them an "assistant" to do most of their paperwork. We have see huge success with this and most originators on my team have more than doubled their production. Another stat is we have maintained a 100% pull through rate on locked loans. With our system, documentation and the new regs and guidelines are not a feared topic for my team.

We have developed our processing center and are now are working on developing other branch opportunieis in other states. We are looking for mortgage brokers facing one or all of the following: limits in loan programs, limits in state access, high licensing costs, and high overhead costs related to branch operations.

If this is you, please call me to discuss what we have to offer you under our program. Kevin - 302-399-4829

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