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Below are just some of the sobering facts surrounding the state of financial affairs in our country:

Foreclosure rates in the United States are at an all-time high. Every fifteen seconds a family in the U.S. files for bankruptcy. Ninety million people will apply for credit counseling or debt reduction in 2008. Mortgage loans that were easily available six months ago are now nonexistent. The average household debt (not including mortgages) is $14,500. The typical American family pays $1,200 yearly in credit card interest.

It's no secret that most people place personal finances at the top of their worry list. The truth is that ever-growing debt, increasing rates of foreclosures, bankruptcies and lack of retirement planning are problems that plague vast sections of our society. Unfortunately, most people don't know where to turn or what to do. They lack both the information and expertise to emerge from debt and effectively manage their finances. In short, the financial outlook for many is bleak at best.


Our state-of-the-art technology and financial tools allow uWin clients to identify the best ways to reduce credit card, mortgage, and other debt, repair their credit rating, and ultimately achieve financial stability.

Stephen Nickle has spent the last several years traveling with Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki on the Learning Annex tour. Now with uWin, you will have the opportunity to learn from this renowned speaker, advisor and financial consultant as he shares the principles of financial intelligence.

A unique Game Plan is developed for each client's success. Each client has access to all of our tools including:

Credit Card Terminator- This powerful credit card elimination system can calculate the precise means to eliminate credit card debt up to 60 times faster than making minimum payments. Mortgage Terminator-Like the Credit Card Terminator, uWin's Mortgage Terminator system will guide you in implementing strategies to eliminate your mortgage in as little as one third of the normal time. Credit Repair Center Featuring the Dispute Designer-If you suffer from bad credit, repairing your credit is a crucial need because it will lower your interest rates, therby reducing your debt load. uWin's Credit Repair Center provides access to the powerful tools you need to repair your credit. Easy to Use Web Calendar- Like a virtual personal secretary, uWin's Web Calendar delivers easy to understand recommendations from the calculations engine and allows you to track important dates, recieve text messages, email reminders and more. Debt Guide and Mortgage 101 Guide- These guides provide strategies for mortgage shopping, reducing debt, building wealth, and much more.

uWin Financial is the first company in the world to offer financial intelligence accessible to everyone. uWin Financial Intelligence offers a solution to debt and the financial stresses of modern life