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Inspirational Speaker, Business Coach, Author and Entrepreneur

Everyone has a story to tell. Few, however, prove to be as profound and inspirational as that of Mr. Kenneth Brown. He had every excuse to choose a life of failure. At the age of 13 and 14, Ken’s parents brought their first child into the world; by 17 and 18, they were mother and father to five children. In spite of poverty and a trail of 10 evictions, Ken’s parents still emphasized the importance of education and a strong work ethic.

After starting his journey in less than ideal circumstances, this Chicago native worked his way through Southern Illinois University as a bus boy and waiter. Once he graduated, he maintained his focus as well as his hunger for excellence, which has paid off in monumental personal and professional opportunities. As one of the youngest African-American owner/operators of a McDonald’s franchise, Ken’s light has shone brightly in the arena of entrepreneurial accomplishment.

Ken’s favorite mantra, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it,” epitomizes his modern-day rags-to-riches story, which has inspired and motivated others to live out their dreams.

He has authored and sold nearly 20,000 copies of two life-changing books, A Leap of Faith and L.I.F.E. - Living In Freedom Everyday. Through media appearances, seminars, workshops and business conferences, Ken has left a lasting impact in the minds of thousands.

With endorsements from renowned mentors Les Brown, Tavis Smiley, Ronald Hairston and Herbert Harris, Ken has what it takes to encourage others, inspire dreams and instill hope.

Featured recently on ABC's “Wife Swap,” Ken Brown offers expert personal and business advice as a life coach, professional speaker and author. He helps small businesses nurture leadership from within, build sustainable, profitable enterprises, as well as, recognize and leverage opportunities.



Through my own experiences in life, and those of my Life-Coaching clients, I’ve assembled six principles that are sure to propel you quickly along the road – your road, God’s road – to a far more abundant life: When your brain is telling you “no”, when you believe your situation makes success impossible … that’s when you’ll discover that a total, unfaltering belief in the sovereignty of God is the absolute cornerstone to achieving everything He wants you to achieve! What does a free life, and your own personal success, look like to you? Without a vision of where we want to go, we simply end up walking in darkness, stumbling along as life’s events bump us from one obstacle to another. But with a clear spiritual vision we can see the invisible and do the impossible. Why were you sent here? What will be your legacy—your footprint on the world? How are you creating “a life of significance”? Purpose is closely related to vision but is more concrete. It’s ordained by God … but it’s up to you to discover and honor it! Pursuing your purpose is going to take boundless enthusiasm and a lot of energy. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of both as a result of the passion you experience when you understand your purpose. Passion gives you the energy to seek the impossible … and the determination to overcome any obstruction laying across your Road to Success. As George Bernard Shaw said, “The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want. And if they can’t find them, they make them.” To live in freedom everyday, you must take ownership of your life … assume total responsibility for your thoughts and actions … and not blame your circumstances on others.  Simply stated: We become like the people we associate with. Our environment – meaning our family and friendship influences – can be stronger than our will to succeed. To climb to the next level, we must foster associations with people who will nurture our dreams and goals.