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Ken Goodfellow
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Get to Know Ken Goodfellow

When CKG International (formerly Coach Ken) launched in 2001, Ken Goodfellow started with just a handful of Top Agents and Brokers and made it his mission to build the most elite group of real estate professionals in the industry. Access to this group would come with extremely strict qualifications, allowing for a one of a kind referral network and the most open learning environment possible.

CKG International was really created out of frustration and a vision to change the way coaching was provided to the best in the real estate industry. With over 25 years as a Top Producer in Real Estate and a coach to Top Producers and Brokers for over 10 years, Ken was fed up with coaches and trainers trying to teach the same "system" to every level of agent. He was tired of being used as the example of what could be achieved with a one-size-fits-all coaching and training program. Moreover, he was frustrated with having to reveal all his top producing secrets to thousands of agents, including his competition.  

Having been on both sides of the industry, he was quickly able to identify the key needs of a Top Producer or Broker and what it would take to provide them with a program that matched those needs. He identified that most Top Producers needed to focus more on the growth of their business, which meant start working on their business more and working in their business less. He wanted them to focus not only on making money, but on being more profitable.

 Ken also understood that nobody is an expert in all areas of business. Realizing that different people have different challenges in their businesses, he structured the program to be able to address their immediate concerns with the ultimate experts in each area of business. This structure has lead all of the members to obtain the fastest and most profound results in their businesses.

 CKG International continues to grow by adding one Top Producer or Broker at a time and is committed to building the most elite group of real estate professionals in the industry.


Specializes in real estate coaching & training, motivational speaking engagements, seminars, & conferences, and mentoring. Coaches the top agents, brokers, and teams in the industry.