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"Your friend in the business"

In making the biggest financial decision of your life, it's key to find the right individual to not only give you great rates and the best product available for your specific situation, it's imperative to find someone who will put you in the best position to get the most out of your experience and help you make all the right financial decisions while being treated like family.

With 10 years dedicated into the Mortgage Industry, I am still able to work closely with individuals as your friend in the business and not a salesperson. Coming from a sales background that stretched over 10 years, moving into the mortgage industry has made me more of a consultant. It's important to have someone who understands the difference between getting you in the best available position to fit your needs and not just sell a product. Superior customer service is an understatement as far as i'm concerned while working with you!

"If I don't over-exceed your expectations, I didn't do my job"!  

* Get a Free vacation with any service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you are considering using the consumer credit reporting agencies that advertise on the radio and television, know that they are owned by one of the credit reporting agencies( Transunion,Equifax, and Experian), although they will provide you with a credit report for a fee, they are not equipped to enlighten or educate you on the next step in order to move you out of your current situation! If you want to be helped on your current situation, or simply want to know your credit score and what it means as well as what you can do to improve me for your totally free credit analysis! I will give you all 3 scores as well as help you to improve it!!!!! Totally free of charge! I stand to gain nothing for telling you your credit score like the Independent Bureaus, I would just Love to help you move out of your current situation, and if I can't,you will still have a free credit report without having to sign up for some type of credit monitoring that costs you money and will still not direct you in the right direction because it is a passive service only to encourage you to pay for them to tell you who ran your credit, when you already know that because no one can run your credit without your prior approval! Contact me if you want knowledge of what to do to help yourself, or if you just need to know your credit score! Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what I specialize in besides what you already know! First time buyers

Credit Repair

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Reverse Mortgages!!!!!!!!!!!!


Serving the Greater Chicagoland Market with an international flair. While working locally in the Chicagoland Market,I have the ability to service your mortgage needs in 27 other states.