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102 N Blakely St

Dunmore , PA 18657

Hello! I am a Northeast PA Mortgage Specialist located in the Scranton area. I help Pennsylvania residents purchase or refinance their home or business.

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Hello!  I'm a local Mortgage Loan Specialist located in the great city of Scranton in Northeast PA.  (Yes, this is where "The Office" takes place)  I enjoy working along with Realtors and Developers all throughout Pennsylvania.  I'm always thrilled to meet and work with Real Estate Professionals here in NEPA as well. 

Our flexible loan programs result in more approvals for all types of borrowers.  I am always striving to go above and beyond what local corner banks can do for homebuyers. 

Most first-time homebuyers enjoy our programs that help people who have had previous credit problems and bankrupcy.  They are pleased with my effort to explain what they can do to improve their credit and follow-up with them, even if they aren't approved right now.  Together, we create and follow through with a Credit Improvement Plan.  My clients are clients for life.

Most investors enjoy my 30-year mortgage options on residential and commercial property with less down payment than anyone else around!  I'm able to offer lower monthly payments compared to most local banks that can only offer 15 or 20-year options.  My rates are very competitive and I can help Investors purchase with as little as 10% down.

I'm very accessible because I believe that this is often the most important financial decision you could make!  One phone number can usually reach me anywhere I happen to be.  Call me to discuss your particular situation.  Together we'll create a mortgage solution for you.

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I have condensed my business to specialize in two specific areas:

First-time Home Buyers with Little to No Money Down Investors who would like to lower their payments and buy more house for their money for Residential and Commercial properties