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Karen Ericson
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Get to Know Karen Ericson

Hello! My name is Karen Ericson. I live in Southern New Hampshire with my husband Keith. We have two grown children, and one very precocious grandson.

I have worked many different jobs since I graduated school, but what I have come to realize is that they were jobs - not my passion!

It was time for me to live by my motto:

Do what you love ~ Love what you do

So...here's my story. I have loved decorating since I was a little girl. I remember driving my mother crazy because I was always changing my room around. We didn't have a lot of money for new things, so I made do with what we had. I learned to be creative and taught myself how to make craft items. When I was old enough to move into my own apartment, I continued doing the same things, except on a grander scale. I now had more rooms to "play" with! Moving artwork and furniture from one room to another and creating a whole new look gave me immense pleasure and satisfaction. Back then, I didn't realize there could ever be a market for doing something that I LOVED! It was so easy....so much fun....and it was my PASSION!

Now I know that what I was doing - a talent that seemed to come so naturally for me - could actually be a career choice.

I look forward to sharing my creative ideas to help you learn how to redesign rooms in your home, or to stage your home to make it irresistible for buyers!


There is something for everyone when it comes to Home Staging or Interior Redesign. It can be fun and exciting making the decision to give your home a fresh new look. Whether you are selling or staying, we can help transform your home. Concerned about the cost? Not to worry - we realize that most people are very budget conscious these days. Keeping that in mind, we have structured our fees to make sure you are able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to beautify your home!


We offer Staging Services to prepare homes for the real estate market. We also offer redesign services for those who are not selling, but want an updated look for their home.