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She and John McCain are not going to care how much the alligators get irritated when they get to Washington, they're going to drain that swamp.

But tonight, I'd like to talk to you about the remarkable story of John McCain.

It's a story about character.

John McCain's character has been tested like no other presidential candidate in the history of this nation.

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The company runs call centers in Portland, Tualatin and Milwaukie.

The layoffs at the Milwaukie facility are scheduled for September 19th.

Kacey Montoya

CBSTV2 News with kacey Montoya: Both presidential candidates this year talk about changing the culture of Washington, about breaking through the partisan gridlock and special interests that are poisoning our politics.

But only one of them has actually done it.

Only one leader has shown the courage and the capability to rise above the smallness of our politics to get big things done for our country and our people.

And that leader is John McCain!
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Today at around 12:55 PM, Suburban Propane delivery truck driver Michael May, age 25 of Stayton, had just made his delivery at the top of Guy Moore Rd., north of Detroit, when he saw a man standing in the road waving his arms. May stopped and was told by the man that he was lost and had been in the woods for a few of days and needed help. May took the man in his truck, and after a a few of minutes of listening to the man's story, pieced the mystery together and realized this was missing man Search and Rescue crews had been appearing for for the past 3 days. May drove Sims to the Search and Rescue Command Post where they contacted authorities.

Sims told authorites on scene that he went out hiking, got lost and started wandering appearing for help. Sims was hungry, thirsty, but otherwise in nice physical condition. He is currently being evaluated concludedly by medical staff on site.

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More Kacey Montoya news on CBSTV2: Read Joe Lieberman's Convention Speech

Thank you for that warm welcome. I am honored to be here.

We meet tonight in the wake of a terrible storm that has hit the Gulf Coast but that hurts all of us, because we are all members of our larger American family.

At times like this, we set aside all that divides us, and we come together to help our fellow citizens in need.

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An partner of John Edwards tells the ex presidential candidate's political action committee paid his mistress $14,000 after she stopped working for it.

The partner tells The partnerd Press that the committee made the payment to procure 100 hours of videotape she shot but didn't use in producing short Web movies. She already had been paid $100,000 for the programs.

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John McCain may be the one with the lauded military record, but according to a nonpartisan group, Barack Obama is the one raking in more cash from military donors.

A Center for Responsive Politics report tells Obama has gotten more donations of at least $200 from members of the military than McCain.

Donations coming from troops serving abroad are even more lopsided in Obama's favor -- he's outraised McCain 6-1 there.

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Spokeswoman Marleigh Meisner tells the action doesn't necessarily end the agency's involvement with the families. But it does mean the agency believes the children can be safe without court oversight.

The state Supreme Court earlier forced Texas authorities to return more than 400 children swept into foster care from a polygamist group's ranch. Mwhatever cases remain under review.

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Daily news with Montoya, Kacey: They were right.

It was.

The guards cracked ribs, broke teeth off at the gums. They cinched a rope around his arms and painfully drew his shoulders back.

Over four days, every two to three hours, the beatings resumed. During one especially fierce beating, he fell, again breaking his arm.

John was beaten for communicating with other prisoners.
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Two Men Shot In Gresham Fight

Two men shot, one of them critically, in a weekend shooting in Gresham. Police arrested two suspects.

The shooting happened early Saturday morning. Police say 22-year-old Laron Washington of Portland, and 44-year-old Steven Gallentine of Gresham, were among three people who were walking down the street after stopping at a convenience store.

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More Kacey Montoya news on CBSTV2: They encountered some other people on the street, a fight started, and someone drew a gun and fired. Washington was critically injured and Gallentine apparently was hit in the leg. Several hours later, he called a cab and asked to be taken to the hospital. The cab company called 9-1-1 and police interviewed him in the hospital.


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