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Get to Know Jeremiah Wean


Allow us to introduce ourselves, Lakewood Lending Group, LLC, begun in 2008, has several distinguishing qualities which have given it a reputation for excellence.  This corporate biography is designed to help you understand why that is so.

Our Price/Our Products

Lakewood Lending Group, LLC is a mortgage broker approved with over 300 national lenders.  The benefit to you is the most competitive price on your selected mortgage product.  Through our relationship with these investors, they are able to keep their overhead low, thus passing the saving on to you.

Lakewood Lending Group LLC. offers a complete selection of products including jumbo, conforming fixed rate, adjustable rate mortgages, as well as many other innovative mortgage solutions.

Our Performance

When you apply for your financing through Lakewood Lending Group, LLC you can count on a pleasant memory, because we are committed to the following performance standards:

Total accessibility to a mortgage loan officer who can answer you questions. Timely updates. Prompt funding of your loan.

Our People

It's no coincidence our employees are polite, gracious, and courteous.  That's our practice and our history.  Our stockholders are our employees, so they're highly tenured, self-motivated, and incentive-bonused.  And, the ten year year average industry tenure per employee is an impressive statistic considering there really is no substitute for experience in such a technical field.  Lakewood Lending Group, LLC is a member of the Central Indiana Better Business Bureau, and is certified complaint free.


Lakewood Lending Group, LLC represents quality and financial strength.  We offer an old-fashioned kind of service from well-qualified, caring individuals.  Our goal is to be worthy of your confidence and deserving of the referral of family and friends. So contact us today, and turn your mortgage concerns over to us.  Our next compliment may just be yours.

Why Use Me? 

I have been in the Banking/Mortgage Industry for 12 years.  I started in Finance right out of Indiana University, my concentration was Finance and International Economics. 

Getting potential buyers qualified is my business.  I make it my mission to present your buyers with a wide array of products and solutions, and to ensure thier loans close on time and with no surprises! 

I can create custom marketing tools for the homes you have listed in order to keep your name in front of those potential buyers who walked through your open house "just to look" and do not yet have a realtor, but have been thinking about the possibility of buying a home! 

I am easily accessible to both my Real Estate Agents and their potential buyers!  The majority of my new homeowners have told me that they were glad they were referred to me because they had been turned down elsewhere, were told they needed to wait 2 more years to buy, or worse yet.....thought they were going to have to buy a Manufactured Home and live in that for the next 15 years! 

I understand the market, the industry, what underwriters and lenders look for, and how to get a denial turned into an approval.  I can work with potential buyers on their detrimental credit and get them on the path of homewonership, keeping them in your short term pipeline! 

If I am not getting at least one referral a month from you, then you are leaving money on the table every month!  So many clients call, get turned down and you never hear from them again.  If I get that referral, I build that relationship, bring them to closing table, and then they are customers for life for the both of us!  And a happy customer refers family, friends, co-workers, etc.....It's because you took the time to work with them and helped them achieve the American Dream when no one else could! 

This business is going through major changes.  You need to align yourself with someone who has experience, can adapt to changes and can create more opportunities for even more business! 

Together we both achieve more.


Lakewood Lending Group, LLC offers home purchase loans, mortgage refinance, home equity loan financing and debt consolidation mortgages presently only in the following state: Indiana – IN (Lakewood Lending Group, LLC - NMLS #132141), Jeremiah M. Wean - NMLS # 132221. 


Lakewood originates conforming loans that meet the underwriting criteria required for a mortgage to be purchased by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Borrowers of conforming loans typically have good credit payment histories and relatively low levels of consumer debt. Many of the loans Lakewood originates are non-conforming loans. The non-conforming loans are generally made to borrowers that have equity in the secured property and good credit histories. In many cases, non-conforming loans tend to have higher loan-to-value ratios and are made to borrowers with higher debt-to-income ratios than conforming loans. These borrowers may include individuals who have good credit histories, but who, due to self-employment or other circumstances, have difficulty verifying their income. Non-conforming borrowers are generally willing to pay higher loan origination fees and interest rates. Lakewod also originates jumbo loans, which are mortgage loans with an original principal balance exceeding $417,000. Jumbo loan borrowers typically have a high net worth and an excellent credit rating, are highly sensitive to changes in interest rates and have a high propensity to refinance.

Mortgage Banker or Broker?

"Mortgage Bankers" typically are not able to place a wide variety of loans due to their limited product line. As a full service Mortgage Broker, Lakewood Lending Group, LLC has the ability to deal with hundreds of lenders from across the industry.  Dealing directly with these lenders on your behalf allows us to do the research and find the best deal that meets your exact financial needs.  

Peace of Mind

We work harder to earn your business. We pride ourselves on being able to obtain competitive rates possible, saving you hundreds of dollars per month on your mortgage payments. Our rapid turn around time and personalized service will amaze you.  

We can help if you want to:

Purchase a new home Lower your interest rate or reduce the term of your current mortgage Refinance your current ARM to the security of lower fixed rate loan Get extra cash for any reason Consolidate credit card and other monthly debts to save FHA Loan Programs

When you contact me there's never a cost or an obligation to see what you may qualify for.


Lakewood Lending Group, LLC satisfies more home owners each year by focusing on home owners’ needs and providing superior customer service.