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Get to Know Jackie Riggins

I am glad you stopped by to read about your new agent. I am with J.P. Weigand and can't wait to serve you the best knowledge on the Real Estate Industry and where to build, where not to build, where to to buy and what not to buy. I specialize in selling residential, new, resale and relocation. I have a great marketing team that is full of ideas to get your home to stand out amongst the competition and are ready to get your home sold fast! My background consists of Decorating, Home Staging, Real Estate, and Marketing. When you are ready to get your home sold or when you are ready to start looking to buy your dream home. We are a 1 stop shop. We have everything you need!

The last house I sold was staged and it sold in less than two weeks! Don't look any further. You have your agent for life right here! Everything I touch turns to sold! The way you live in your home and the way you market it is very different.  I truly have a passion for real estate not just buying and selling but also staging and designing. I'm passionate about making a difference in each clients life. I am very informed on all markets around the US. If you are looking for someone to sell your home faster and for more money then I'm your gal!

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a happy mother of three and live in Clearwater, KS with my husband. I have been in Design and Decorating for the last 25 years and got into Real Estate over 8 years ago. I started a Home Staging Training Company called Property Staging Consultants. I trained Real Estate agents and others how to start their own business in Home Staging and trained the Real Estate Agents How to Educate the clients on the benefits of staging and how to make their home sell faster and for more money. I mean after all it is always 100% about the client when you are dealing with me and my team! I love this industry and can't wait for you to see what great standards we are held to. We won't sell your home or sell a home to you if it's less than the best for your needs! So What are you waiting for? Give me a Call Today! I am dedicated and can't wait to meet or speak with you!

Feel Free to take a look at our website and see the difference my company has already made in so many peoples lives. We live to see you in the home of your dreams with the easiest transformation possible. Call Us Today! 316-204-3812!

What is Home Staging?

The concept behind home staging is as simple as it is powerful: a stager prepares a property for sale to meet two key goals of the homeowner: a faster sale and a greater Return on Investment.

This is accomplished by a careful evaluation of the home's current condition and attributes, followed by in-depth attention to any existing issues that have the potential to deter prospective buyers. Additional focus is given to transforming the visual aesthetics of the home away from limiting, individual tastes and broadening the home's appeal to the widest possible spectrum of buyers.

Staging today has become much more involved and sophisticated than merely "rearranging the furniture." Jackie Riggins has created an advanced training company in the latest, most effective techniques of this fast-evolving business. She has been in the Real Estate and Staging industry for over 20 years and is dedicated to helping you sell your home faster and for more money and also helping the buyers get a move in ready home.

In recent years, home staging's clear benefits to home sellers and agents have made it a must-have skill within the real estate trade. In addition to shorter listing times and significantly improved profits margins, the advantages of a professionally staged home include fewer showings, less frequent price negotiations and decreased expenses for both real estate professionals and homeowners.

In every part of the country, today's markets are changing at an unprecedented rate. That makes it more important than ever to ensure that properties are staged by credible, trained Staging professionals. Jackie is that professional stager and Realtor here to serve you and all of your needs and desires.

"Before taking the PSC class in June of 2007, my thought was "Staging is just common sense"... boy was I wrong! At first, I decided to only take the two-day class, because 1) why would I want to do this as a business?... I'm a real estate agent not a stager, and 2) I didn't want to pay the full amount! After the two days, and especially after staging the property on the 2nd day, I was blown away and decided that I had to continue with day 3. How could I not? Being a licensed stager would give me the opportunity to make additional money on the side, which in real estate could be such an up and down business, and if nothing else... get my money back in what it cost for the entire class.

Here is one of my testimonials from a lady that took my course. I am extremely educated in many different areas of the Real Estate and Staging Industry!

Since getting my license, Sellers look at me in a different light. As a real estate agent, I hardly suggested to the sellers what they need to do to get their house to "saleability". I thought they may take offense to what I may tell them (plus, I wasn't so sure I was telling them correct stuff). As a licensed stager, I have the confidence and the creditability to make my suggestions... and they listen!

My heart still pitter-patters... What if I totally mess up? What if they don't like it? What if it doesn't sell? But once I go into action, the stuff Jackie taught me in class just kicks into high gear. My latest success... I received a call wanting me to stage their home and then put it on the market. The client did everything I had suggested, including price the house right. After 48 hours we received a contract AND a full price back-up contract! The feeling is unbelievable!

Thanks, Jackie, for being there long after the class is over, and for encouraging me to continue beyond a PIC. Being a stager has made me the best real estate agent I can be. I can provide a service that no other can in Madison County!" -Jennifer V. Fletcher


I am here to help you sell your home faster than any other on the market faster & for more money. When you are ready to buy or list your home call me and I am dedicated to your needs. Call Today!