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1872 Willamette St.

Eugene , OR 97401

Jordan Iverson Signature Homes is dedicated to designing and building innovative, elegant and efficient homes while also providing you with a high level of personal service along the way.

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Jordan Iverson Signature Homes focuses on designing & creating efficient & innovative homes. He offers the advantages of a full service design/build firm. This saves you both time and money as all design work is done in house with no loss of communication.

Each Iverson Signature home is custom designed to fit its specific location. This ensures that the home design is completely unique and has been personally crafted to provide you with the most efficient and comfortable living space possible for the piece of land you've chosen to build on.

He has a passion for design and grew up learning about construction and design from his dad who has been a local builder for more than 30 years.

Jordan can also provide help finding your dream home site or assist in the sale of your current home. Visit Iverson and Company Inc. to find out more.

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His goal is to create truly unique homes that are built with the highest quality materials and provide you with an increased level of enjoyment of your new home.

Jordan's homes offer a fusion of modern and traditional design elements, materials and color palettes. This is done by incorporating creative use of space, innovative lighting and interior details, unique materials, architectural accents, and the latest in technology.

Many green building principles are used in each home & he is constantly learning about the latest in sustainable design products. Each home is built for ENERGY STAR & Earth Advantage certification.

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