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Most of my time is spent focusing on families in need.  These families have suffered from a divorce, death in family, loss of job, disability, a necessary relocation, taxes, insurance, or an inflated loan.  Many can't afford their mortgage payments.   I do everything I can to help these people avoid foreclosure. 

Through my Loss mitigation efforts, I work with lenders to help the homeowners avoid foreclosure.  With my contacts sometimes we can do special forbearances, loan modifications, refinancing, or a number of other tools at my disposal.  Every connection made is to help the homeowners.  25% of these people staring down loosing their home I can work with and keep them in their home.  Those who can no longer afford their home or who are ready to relocate, I will assist them in doing that as well.  

Most of my work involved is Pro-Bono and free to the homeowner. I don't get paid unless I actually relocate the family and sell their home.  I would not have it any other way.  If I can help Bob and Sue down the street stay in their home which they planned on retiring in -- so be it!  I pledge to do what I can to help these families avoid foreclosure, even if that means a smaller pay check.

The more homes we save from these tough times the more we save the equity in my home as well as your home. 90% of my work involves helping the above situations.  If you know of anyone in tough times and perhaps could use my help, please forward me their information.  If you are relocating yourself and would like to support my efforts in helping others, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist in relocating you and your family as well. 


Loss Mitigation- working with the lenders to do special forbearances which will allow the homeowner to stay in the home if they choose to.

Pre-foreclosure- working with the families to sell their home as quickly as possible with little to no loss.

Short Sale- working with the families and the lender to relocate the family and sell the house at market price while forgiving debt connected with the property.

Foreclosure- selling bank owned properties.

Residential- working with buyers and sellers who are relocating.

First time homebuyer- Working with first time home buyers to get them ready to buy their first home.  Typically it takes them working with me for a year before they are ready to buy.


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