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John Jonas
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Hey, my name is John.

I just want to help agents hire super affordable virtual assistants. I figured out how to hire Filipino virtual assistants for $250/month (full-time) and they speak great english, are honest, loyal, and hard working. It's really amazing what they're capable of doing (especially at such an affordable rate).

Since I discovered this I've had so many people ask me to explain how to do it and ask me to help them hire someone, that I finally put together a little training course.  It's free at


FAQs on Hiring a VA from the Philippines

John answer the questions he frequently encounters from people who have read and watched his training on hiring VA's from the Philippines


About 7 years ago I hired my first virtual assistant in the Philippines.

I had no idea at the time what they were capable of or how good they would be.

I first hired my virtual assistant through a service.  I was paying them $750/month and they were paying my VA $250/month.  When I found out how little they were paying him I was pretty upset.

Since then, I figured out a much better way to hire them directly.

My VA's

- post to craigslist every day

- do SEO

- create marketing material

- take phone calls

- make phone calls

- build (and manage) my websites

- send post cards

- so much more...


I hire them for about $250-$400/month (full-time). They're very loyal and honest with me. 

They don't all speak perfect english, but a couple of them do. The ones with perfect english write blog posts for me, write emails for me, and even write the content on my website.

The culture in the Philippines is very different than anywhere else in the world and lends itself to outsourcing very well.  They're a very pleasing culture. They want to work hard. They're really westernized so there aren't any communication issues. They're really good at thinking through tasks (unlike some other cultures...).

All of this leads to having workers who are capable of figuring out how to do task. They follow directions really well, but even better, they're capable of reading between the lines so when instructions aren't perfect, they still get the job done.

And that's what it comes down to. My Filipino virtual assistants just get the job done.

Thomas Rendleman
Hello John I just haven't had relief in years because I am doing everything. It feels great to have someone helping. The first lady I hired is great and is already producing. The second lady will help me take off another hat. I FEEL ALIVE... Thanks again for putting together an affordable solution. Thank You,

I’m all about working as little as I need to, spending time with my family, golfing, and helping others live the lifestyle I live.