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John Cunningham
Helping Phoenix Sellers and Buyers find each other
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Get to Know John Cunningham

Hi, I'm Phoenix real estate agent John Cunningham with eXp Realty. I'm happy to see that you are taking a moment to read my profile and find out more about me. 

I've been working as an agent for 13 years. I began by selling homes for the home builders, and later made the shift to working in re-sale in 2009. I have sold over 500 homes and enjoy helping sellers and buyers reach their real estate goals in Phoenix, Scottsdale, PV, and surrounding valley cities. 

Prior to working as an agent I worked in the home building industry as an estimator and manager. My career in the contracting industry spnned over 20 years and translated well into the real estate business.

When I have free time I enjoy backpacking, flyfishing, flytying, sports of all kinds, and hanging with my wife and daughter. My wife loves to travel and drags me around the globe whenever possible. 

As an agent I like to ad an extra layer of service to my current and past clients. I compile data for the local real estate market and share that via my Active rain blog, and social media platforms. I consistently add new content to my websites: Phoenix Real Estate And Homes dot com, and

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John Helped me Sell My Home......and buy another

Phoenix Real Estate agent John Cunningham helped Ann sell a home that others could not sell. We sold the Phoenix home in one month and were able to help Ann buy her new home all at the same time. If you are looking for a Phoenix Real Estate agent eXp agent John Cunningham is a great choice.


The metro Phoenix area spans a vast area and the cities to choose from are as different from one another a peanutbutter is from jelly. One thing's for sure, there's plenty to choose from here in Arizona. 

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Scottsdale is a beautiful city with lots to offer. Scottsdale is home to some of the finest schools in Arizona, Cactus league spring training, and some of the most luxurious residential communities in the state. If you are thinking about making Scottsdale your home you might want to try our Scottsdale home Search. 

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Chandler has captured the heart of the high tech community and companies like Intel, Ebay, Paypall, Verizon Wireless, Microchip Technology, Orbital Sciences, GM Financial Services, have flocked to the city for the tax bennefits and presence o a demographic who is attracted to the tech jobs needed to make these companies flourish in Chandler. 

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Tempe is home to Arizona State University (ASU) which creates education, jobs, and entertainment via Sundevil athletics and theatrical programs. The ASU Sundevils are alwasy exciting to watch, and ASU continues to provide top notch university level education to thousands each year. Tempe abutts to the city of Phoenix and is conveniently adjacent to freeways and Sky Harbor Airport. If you are keen on Tempe make sure to use the best home finding tools on the market; try out our Tempe Home Search. 




Alex & Megan Smith
My wife and I were new to the home buying experience with this being our first. We couldn't have been happier with how John was able to professionally walk us through the process. He stuck with us through this very competetive market, and was always available to us when we needed him. We have our dream home now. Thank you John!
Steve & Dawn S.
Most of us know good real estate agents are difficult to find, especially ones that truly have your best interest at heart. John Cunningham was our real estate agent through all the ups and downs of trying to buy a home in a crazy market where most homes these days are bank owned or short sales. If you know a bit about bank owned homes and short sales you probably know it is not always such an easy task to find the home you want AND have everything go through without a hitch to the end. One thing I can tell you about John is that he truly wants you to get the house THAT YOU WANT and will work with you to get it. Some agents will try and steer you into a house that might not be the best for you just so the deal will close and they get their commission. Not so with John, like I said earlier he REALLY wants you to get the home that is right for you! He was extremely patient, and I have to say that sometimes we were probably not the easiest clients to work with, especially with the ups and downs of dealing with bank owned homes and their crazy waiting periods and rules. But John was extremely patient and NOW WE HAVE THE HOME WE LOVE! If you want a great real estate agent that will work for YOU, John is one of the best out there. Good luck on your home search and don't give up in this crazy market - you can find the home you want, it may take a bit of persistence but it is worth it and it will be MUCH easier if you have a good agent who is on your side. Thanks John!!!
Ram Noona
First of all, I would like to thank you for all of your hardwork and willingness in finding a perfect home for us. You were patient with our many special requirements and kept the communication going strong the whole way. Your intelligent advices helped us a lot throughout the buying process. I was really impressed the way you were interacting, giving helpful suggestions on the upgrades etc. You have an excellent knowledge on the current real estate market. I really appreciate for keeping me posted with the helpful ideas surrounding home ownership. We will be sure to recommend you to any future home buyers or sellers we know. I would highly recommend working with John Cunningham for his outstanding assistance in buying or selling a home
Charles & Marcie Tiano
John is a great realtor to work with. We happened to meet John by chance and he took the time to discuss the home buying process with my husband and I. Because of that conversation, we asked John to be our realator. John is an expert in his field, he is honest, professional and respectful. I would highly recommend for any real estate needs! Thanks John! -Marcie and Charles Tiano
Omar N.
I have many reasons why I like to get my dream home through Mr. John A Cunningham, first he have the grate website that allow you to put your needs and will show you the specific home in your price range! also he is teaching me how I use his grate website and he don't like to put my money in the wrong home, most of us we don't know if this or that home is better than the others but he know wich one is better for you, he like to make you feel happy after buying home while more agents they care about sale homes ONLY!! I had more than 6 agents before and none of them understand what is good for me, they didn't asking me if I am married or have kids or what is my job..., but Mr. Cunningham asked me all that so he can make sure me and my family be safe and be happy in our home, he advised me about the areas wich on is good for me, also he is checking the homes if something wrong around it or something that you didn't noticed, he is just a great agent and I am so happy working with him, we are from different country and we know nothing about the homes here in AZ, I start know a lot of things through this agent, and I want to say thank you Mr John A Cunningham for your great services!
Lloyd & Grace
We bought a single family home in sunny Phoenix. We are actually Canadian and stumbled on John by way of looking for an address and we already had a realtor who we were just starting to deal was a blessing to meet John We bought in Dec 2008 and we were pretty precise in what we wanted to pay and was not sure which location. We were basically putting all of our trust in John and he came up trumps he totally exceeded our exceptions we got more than first class service. He was patient very thorough and honest. I would highly recommend John. I was so impressed we flew down from Edmonton and met with John he had a binder prepared with our specifics on homes locations and prices! If your looking for a home tell him what you need and he will find it for you (if your not sure of what you want he will guide and suggest)
Nicole H
John made this entire process extremely quick and simple. John always responds promptly, provides great service and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home.
Dick W.
John sold a piece of vacant land that we have been trying to sell for many many years. The broker of record at Lee and Associates who had the listing ( and has been a friend for years ) recommended giving the listing to John.
Karl & Heather D.
In 2011, during the depths of the Phoenix real estate crash, we found an investment property with many positive qualities. It did have two strikes against it, was an overpriced short-sale. John gave us excellent advice throughout the process, supported us during the various challenges that inevitably came up and helped us arrive at a very reasonable (from our point-of-view) offer that was quickly accepted by the seller and bank. John's understanding of the macro and micro marketplace in Phoenix gave him the vision required to see where we should have valued the property. His ever-optimistic-yet-realistic outlook gave us confidence in his work. Finally, the great outcome has made him our "go-to realtor" fact, he's now helping us sell another property...he's the one we call!
Billy & Marilyn
Marilyn & Billy, I am so glad to see that you have reached your goals: enjoying your new home and relaxing because you no longer owe anyone any money! Many people could benefit by knowing that you made the dream of being free and clear a reality. I will share your success with all of the young people who I help buy and sell homes. Being debt free is a great accomplishment. Congratulations!
Julie P.
John Cunningham handled my short sale in the Phoenix, AZ area. Since I am an out of state owner, it was important to find a trustworthy and experienced real-estate agent to handle this difficult transaction. He became my eyes and ears when it came to handling difficult non-paying tenants, as well as ensuring my short sale transaction going smoothly. Within a few 3 months, my Phoenix property was sold with a short sale approved. The headaches of an underwater property quickly went away. I highly recommend John Cunningham and his team in handling my real-estate transaction
Sandeep Are
As soon as we landed in Phoenix , I have heard some great things about John as to how he receives his customers and care for them, and with in 3 months he made that statement true... we were acquinted with the valley in three months and were able to close on a beautiful house in Chandler.. Thanks to John and for his support right from signing the contract till the closure. I would highly recommend him to all of my friends .
Kelly Buckley
In 2009, I began looking into finding my dream house. As a single mom, I was specifically wanting an affordable home in central Phoenix as close as possible to the mountain preserve that had plenty of yard space, a fireplace, and a nice kitchen. John set me up with a house search software program that daily e-mailed me new homes or updated prices on the market that met all my requirements. During the course of many monthly, John patiently showed me different homes and neighborhoods that I was interested in. When I had located a house I really wanted to call home, John's knowledge about the market enabled him to guide me into making a competitive offer which saved me thousands of dollars. John's quick responsiveness to my questions throughout the buying process helped ease the anxiety that such a life investment can bring. Thanks to John, I am a happy homeowner in central Phoenix with a yard, fireplace, great kitchen and about 100 yards away from my favorite mountain trails!
Roy A.
John is a great source of information on local real estate issues and has been quite helpful to me and my friends as we learn more about different neighborhoods and values. Phoenix is a great spot to invest in and John is a great asset to any investor or new home buyer. He is patient and smart - important traits to have in an advisor. Call him and you will see what we already know....John is one of the good guys!
Svetlana F.
John was highly recommended to me as the best agent available to sell my house. Then he exceeded all my expectations! He was able to complete a short sale on my property when the banks were not willing to cooperate. We went through 3 buyers before the sale went through. Each and every time, John was organized, informed on all the regulations, and super persistent. I remember him saying " I won't give up if you won't give up". And he never did! That was super important to me since I lived out of state and was not able to assist with the sale. I would highly recommend John Cunningham to anyone who wants the job done right
Matt B.
Recently John helped me gather some information for a lawsuit I was in with a bank over another property (pro-bono by the way!). I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful. The good part is, I actually won the suit with the information John helped me with! It's obvious he that he wants to build a longtime relationship of trust with his clients, rather than just turn 'em and burn 'em like some guys do. With the suit behind me, I should be able to buy again by next April and it's good to know I have someone I can trust who will still be around when I'm ready

I serve Phoenix Arizona, AZ Bitmore, PV, Scottsdale, Optima Camelview, Esplanade Place, Scottsdale Waterfront, & Optima Biltmore communities and provide Market Updates on a regular basis.