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Being a Realtor isn't easy. We wear so many hats... "marketing", "sales", "negotiator", "babysitter", "manager", "business owner", "accountant", and even "Human Resources". 

The goal of is to give you a place to hang some of those hats, so that you can focus on the money making hats that will get your more listings, more buyers, and more closed transactions. 

We take on the "Human Resources" hat, and provide you with a great team of Virtual Assitants at a fraction of the cost of a local assistant. We interview, hire, train, and manage the workforce for you. All you have to do it tell them what to do, and how to do it specific to your own likes and desires. 

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myVAteam is a unique VA business because it's owner, John Carle, is an active Realtor. The company has been developed from his experiences; so it's effective for Realtors.