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I started real estate as a Buyer's Agent in 2009. Yes, I said it, I'm new to real estate in your so-called down market. If you think to yourself why would I start real estate now and start a financial suicide, here's my simple answer. Most, not all, real estate agents get into the business when the market is good and they have a better opportunity to make some serious money. The money is easy and so is the job, at the time. In our current market we have less people buying than we did in 2005, 2006 and 2007. The agents were writing contracts and selling homes with a signature and smile. Today you have to work hard, know the market and be the best. I have learned from the very best in the industry because the rest are working at other jobs. I've worked with short sales, bankruptcy's, foreclosures... you name it. I was always taught knowledge is power. There has never been a better time to learn real estate and know is the time to buy. I've taken numerous classes here at Keller Williams and outside our company and would love to talk to you about the current market and why you should buy, no make that invest today. Thank you for reading my rant.

I hope to hear from you soon,

Joe Fernald


I work with mostly first time home buyers. Why, you ask. I love the show on HGTV Proprty Virgins! No, really I do. But the real reason is the reaction. I don't sell homes for the money. Believe me, my accountant will tell you. The real reason I sell is to get someone into their dream home, even if it needs work. I sold a condo to a young man earlier this year and he started to get pretty emotional when I handed him the keys. Sorry Chris! That was better than the commission for a million dollar home! I work with people looking for expensive homes too but not as often. I'm working my way up to the million dollar homes later. You have to start somewhere and I love all my clients just the same. I also love getting my clients a great deal. I sold a home to one of my best friends earlier this year and he wanted a new bachelor pad. We got instant equity, a place cheaper than his rent and a home built in 2002 with over 1,700 sq ft. He thinks it's too big.

Give me a call and make your next home one that you'll be proud of for years to come.

Most of my clients have had the same thing to say about working with me.

It took longer to close than expected but was worth the wait! I always keep in contact with all my clients no matter how much time and effort it takes no matter what the price.

I hope I can help you in the future, too!


I love the Keller Williams Atmosphere! Washington State University Grad 2003. Originally from Olympia, WA Graduated from Tumwater High School in 98' That's my fiancé in the picture with me!