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Joan wants to be your mortgage resource! I am a mortgage broker with access to 35 banks. I offer you correspondent rates which are consistently a half point lower than typical brokered rates.

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  I have been here through the good times and not so good times of financing... One thing remains the same, though...I love what I am doing and I love my clients.  I have met such interesting people from all parts of the world and from around the corner.  Universally, I have found that people are generally a good hearted group.  We people are full of curiousity and different knowledge and talents that set us aside from one another.  I look forward to continued personal growth which in turn will enhance professional growth.  I have the ability to go to 35 different banks that offer all different programs and rates.  These rates include correspondent rates that afford me the opportunity of passing along rates that are consistently lower that typically brokered rates.  You and I will discuss the best possible program that will suit your particular needs for the present and the future.  I  also get you the best possible rate that is being offered anywhere in our lending environment. 

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Because I have been a mortgage broker in, CT  for quite awhile now, I feel comfortable doing all loans that come my way.  I do traditional conventional loans as well as the less conventional that are not for everyone, by any means, but in certain situations work well for a particular individual.  Arm products are not as common as they used to be, but again, they should be used for a situation where a buyer knows he or she will be out of this house in a specific number of years.  The rate is usually a bit lower than a conforming 30 year.  Also, interest only loans are terrific for people who already have a lot of equity in their homes and are not worried that their appraised value may decline.  Also, most banks also offer 40 year amortization on their loan products.  This offers a slower amortization but equity is being built - the result is a lower monthly payment than a 30 year conforming loan.  So the bottom line is...what I like to do best is to design the program that suits YOUR life and financial needs -  

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