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Get to Know Jordan Tobin

Our company has two Owners, Jordan Tobin and David Clark.

Jordan spent many years as mortgage loan officer under Millard Goffstien, who spent fifty years in the business, During the time that I spent with him, he taught me credit repair and prepared me to start my new company. David spent twenty five years as a collector for creditors, repossesing cars, collection accounts, etc.

A little over three years ago we combined our areas of expertise to form Tobin & Clark, inc., whic hoffers the most complete services for our clients. We provide budgeting, credit repair, credit rebuilding, and negotiation of unsecured debts thus allowing our clients to start a new financial life on solid ground. This solid ground enables them to qualify for mortgages, purchasing cars, at the best interest rates and terms.

We are fully licensed and provide services throughout the State of Missouri. In addition, we can provide services in all fifty states.



There are many credit repair companies to choose from, but many are not licensed and only work one incorrect credit report item at a time. This approach does not help our clients and we have chosen to address all issues at one time, uusally completing work in four to six months.

Due to our experience our big specialty is negotiatiog debt, which there are few companies who do it as well as we can. The reason for this is that it is a large portion of our business.

We have formed referral partnerships with home loan modification specialists, short sale specialists, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, insurance agents, loan officers, realtors, etc. to provide complete services for our clients. Once we have corrected their problems, it is very important to us that they not fall back into the same habits that caused their financial meltdown.

We are able to increase a real estate agents pipeline and profits by repairing their clients credit and debt issues.


Our company provides credit repair/rebuilding and negotiation of unsecured debts, credit cards, medical bills, collections and judgements. We enable our clients to purchase homes.