Jerry Sparling, Keller Williams Realty (Jerry Sparling Team)

(ID Office) 1450 Northwest Blvd. Coeur D'Alene ID 83814

(WA Office) 802 N. Washington St. Spokane, WA 99201

I am hard working and commited realtor who is also deaf. I specialize in working with Deaf, or hearing-impaired clients, wheel-chaired, and those with various disabilities.

Get to know Jerry Sparling

To start to know about me is that I, myself am Deaf, but I do speak well and communicate frequently to my clients and fellow agents through E-mail, Texting, or videophone.

I am Professional Deaf Realtor, who is fluent in ASL or Sign Language which is vital in order to communicate to my clients without needing an outside party such as an interpreter.

I have been working with Hearing Impaired clients for over 20 years now, so it comes as second-nature to me.


I have been a Realtor for 3 years now, and over 20+ years prior to that as a successful business owner. I also have worked as a consultant to the Merrill Lynch Investor Service for the Deaf.

Being a Realtor is a passion that has evolved over time for me. All my past experiences and business ventures ultimately have led me to Real Estate, which has made it an easy transition. My specialty market is something that I love being part of. Since communicating with those who are Deaf, or Hearing Impaired comes so easily to me, sharing with them my personal knowledge and expertise of Real Estate brings me great joy in life. Knowing that my clients will not only be given the true facts, but will completely understand what I have to say is very important to me. 

A home is not a "Home" because of its dimensions, color, or physical appearance. It is a home because of the feeling you get when you walk through that front door. The thoughts and visions you instantly get when inside, its how you can see your life unfolding within those four walls.

This is about more than just Real Estate. It's about your future, your life, and your hopes and dreams.

Let me help you make your house a home, Without an interpreter.


I would love to be your Real Estate Professional for buying and selling your home.

I have 2 offices to better help serve you, one in Spokane, Washington and the other is in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.

By utilizing the latest in technology, I keep my line of communication between my clients and myself sharp and up to date. Between that and the knowledge I have of Market Trends, my constant local research, along with my experiences with Business Strategy I have the tools to continuously exceed your expectations.

My Specialty Market

Clients who are buying or selling a home. I work with the Deaf, or Hearing Impaired. Wheelchair, or Handicapped Clients. Blind, or Visually Impaired. Various Disabilities. Anyone connected with the deaf or special needs like Interpreters, Hearing people, Audiologists etc..
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