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What sets us apart is that we genuinely enjoy what we do and sincerely appreciate the relationships we've had the opportunity to build with our clients. We are "people person oriented" and hard workers. We pride ourselves on our quality - premium service and our consistent positive attitude of what is possible. We, as a team are firm believers in "if there's a will, there's a way" as long as we have the right resources and un-wavering determination.

This is our statement and what we practice daily.


RCA Team/Allison James Estates and HomesMission: To build a phenomenal thriving business with each and every client's expectation having been met and exceeded through their experiences with RCA Team members. Vision: We have- Consistently thrived in meeting and exceeding our relationship goals with our growing client base Continuously invested and emergent our relationship with each and every team member and associate Team of experienced and professional individuals who are passionate about real estate and self growth. We are constantly watchful and in action to bring new talents and technology into our team. Values: The RCA Team members highly value and are unwaveringly committed to the Keller Williams Motto of "Win and Win or No deal". We are profoundly appreciative of the opportunity to excel and achieve "Together" with our clients, friends and associates. Beliefs: We are Committed in our way of being Ethical in our conduct In action with our Integrity Reliable personally and professionally Resourceful in getting things done Respectful, always

Short Sale Specialist Team

We work with a large and diverse group of individuals and families in the Bay Area. They range from first time home buyers/sellers to sophisticated investors. We mostly specialize in the San Mateo/Peninsula, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Alameda County markets. Jeanie Russell has been a resident of this Beautiful Bay Area for the past 35 years and I love the vibrancy of life here.


Short Sale May Be an Option When Mortgage Debt Looms Too Large

By June Fletcher, RealEstate

Question: Could you please explain more about a short sale. I am stuck in my home with two mortgages and can't get out. Please help. I cannot afford this house anymore and can't work anymore due to health reasons.

-- Debbie Garcia, New York   Can you relate to Debbie?

We are here to assist with every facet of the ever-growing short sale business. Whether you are looking to efficiently and effectively reduce the number of challenged loans you have, or a buyer looking to have your offer accepted on one of these properties or a seller who is simply looking to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy, we can help you! As you have certainly heard, this is a nationwide challenge, which seemingly changes and worsens on an almost daily basis. We simply provide assistance to help you travel through these troubled waters . . . without becoming lunch for the nearest hungry shark! It is our intent and our belief that all parties, lenders, buyers, sellers and real estate agents benefit from the services we provide. We take the unique approach of always asking "What can be done so that we can help you today?"To learn more, please read on to see specifically how you can get started now so we can help you to realize the best possible outcomeWHAT WE DOWe do what works. We are an ever-expanding team assembled to assist with closing short sale transactions.  RCA Team, Inc. has many years of experience and the Short Sale Specialist back support Team in real estate investing, real estate law, civil law, administration, economics and mortgage lending.  Our S.S.S. back support team knows what the banks are looking for, where the pitfalls lie and how to circumvent the problems to maximize the odds of closing a successful short sale.

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