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Hi Everyone! I am the CEO & Founder of Jared James Enterprises (JJE). JJE is a real estate coaching company dedicated to assisting Realtors across the globe in increasing the bottom line of their businesses, while decreasing the amount of time it takes to do so. This is our mission because I have a passion for seeing people achieve balance in their lives allowing them to say goodbye to the rat race once and for all.

I accomplish this through many different avenues including Webinars, my book, training breakouts, speaking engagements, blogging and our courses among other things. In fact in 2010 I agreed to be an educator for ActiveRain University and have not regretted it. Although my schedule can get a little hectic, I thoroughly enjoy getting the opportunity to connect with the agents who are members of our coaching programs, regulars on our Webinars and fellow ActiveRainites.

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If I were to tell a potential real estate professional what they can expect by getting involved with Jared James Enterprises it would be that they will learn how to stop going to work and start running a business. We run regular Webinars on various aspects of the real estate industry and many of these Webinars are archived on our site at www.jaredjamestoday.com You can also go to our site to sign up for our free email updates and starting receiving notifications of future Webinars, events and tips for Realtors overall.

Our coaching program has three main pillars that make up the model that our coaching clients follow and are held accountable for by one of our JJE Certified Coaches. The 3 pillars are:

1)    Become the Source- We will challenge you to stop spending so much energy trying to be successful and to take the focus off of yourself and now reconcentrate your energy towards making those around you successful. By doing this you will truly begin to "reap what you sew" in your business and life. As part of "Become the Source" you will be introduced to the revolutionary "CORE 100" that is exclusive to JJE. The CORE 100 is both innovative and simple and will cause you to stop working hard at the wrong things. This will change the way you do business.

2)    Low-Hanging Fruit- This 2nd pillar of the program deals with how the rules of prospecting have changed. In the last 10 years people have become cocooned. Between no-call lists, caller id and spam folders, they do not want to be contacted by someone that they did not request to be contacted by. You will learn an area of your business that is the Low Hanging Fruit, meaning it is the easiest to pick off and add to your business.

3)    Systems- Probably the most popular part of our programs is the systems that we will assist you in implementing into your business to automate the way you do things on a daily basis. By systematizing your business you will save yourself time and make yourself money. Systems will be an imperative part of transforming your clients into advocates for the long term as well.

The best way to describe our program is if you can picture a location in your area that has had several restaurants open and close over the years with none of them experiencing any long term success. In many cases you can probably think of a McDonalds nearby that has opened and never closed. In fact, you would be hard pressed to think of any McDonalds that you know of that has ever closed down, even though they essentially perform the same service as the restaurants near them that can't seem to be successful. Why is this? Owners of McDonalds franchises pay a franchise fee to virtually guarantee their success. By buying into McDonalds they plug themselves into a proven model and systematic way of doing business. They all smell, look and act the same no matter where you happen to be in the world.

That is how I describe our coaching programs. Realtors go in and out of business, especially lately. But the agents that follow our programs pay their franchise fee (monthly coaching fee), but they are going to get plugged into a proven model and systematic way of doing things that has worked for so many other agents around the country.

If you want more information you can visit our website at www.jaredjamestoday.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

Jared James

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