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James DeLaGarza
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I graduated in 1992 from Texas Tech University with a B.B.A. in Real Estate Finance. It's not a part-time or second career for me.  I live and breathe this industry and Real Estate is my passion. A positive attitude, a commitment to education, investment in the latest technology, and a drive and discipline to be the best I can be is what sets me apart from my competition. 

Never settle for less and use James DeLaGarza to sell your house or to help with your next home purchase. 


B.B.A, Real Estate Finance. 


Do you know why the Real Estate industry came up with certifications and acronyms for accomplishments? This industry is far too easy to get into. Most Realtors take what amounts to a six week class and then are given an easy test to pass. Then they are licensed and ready to handle a huge transaction for you. SCARY!

To make them 'stand out' and give them 'cred' they come up with all sorts of easy classes that are designed to make them appear educated, etc. Next time you see a Real Estate agent advertise online and you see all these acronyms behind their name you'll know they are probably in a part-time endeavor or are in a second or third career. You deserve to work with someone who is passionate about their career and serving in an industry for the right reasons. 

B.B.A, Real Estate Finance and 21+ years of selling experience. 

Jeff Epling
Over the past 6 years, James has helped me sell 2 houses. The first one sold in 45 days and then 6 years later, he sold my current house within 24 hours. You can't find a more honest, hard working agent anywhere and I've used some of the top agencies in the past and none, absolutley none can hold a candle to James. I will forever recommend him to anyone thats looking to sell or buy a house. Besides being a great realtor, he's a great person too that you'll enjoy working with, trust me.
Scott Crawford
Our entire selling and buying experience with James has been outstanding. James has provided us with outstanding level service based on his years of experience that has been extremely beneficial. His knowledge of the real estate industry is second to none and has made this process a pleasure and a success for us. I have referred him to my Mother-in-Law already and would recommend him to anyone needing to buy or sell a home.
Tammy Evans
James has sold, and helped to buy, many properties for me and my friends... we can not speak highly enough about him. He is knowledgeable and patient...if you are buying or selling a home...YOU SHOULD CHOOSE JAMES!
Robert Fanini
It is easy to recommend James DeLaGarza as for us his work helping us with our dream house purchase started 2 years prior to the sales showing us what trends look like and unbiased advise as a complementary service. When we decided to have the market in the market we initially did not go with James but with another well known Real State company which half way through fell short on our expectations. After that we contacted James who answered very accurately our concerns and moved us in the right direction and made much better offering and made our dream house come true. Strongley recommend James.