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Professional Home Staging is a must in today's market. Why not take advantage of this minimal investment to bring a quick sale at top price! Buyers are looking for the WOW factor we can provide!

Get to know Dianne Hipsher

I am a Certified Professional Home Stager .  For the past 40 years I  had an antique and stained glass business in my home and properly showcasing items  involved a tremendous amount of staging.  Every business owner wants their shop to be attractive but when the shop is your home, it becomes even more important!  It has always been a wonderful adventure for me to work with existing objects and bring drama and cohesiveness to what is often a disconnected assortment of items.  Also, in crafting stained glass lamps and windows, in working with the various textures and colors, my sensitivity has been sharpened to the elements that create specific moods and general artistic appeal.  In my new vocation as a Home Stager, I am able to concentrate even more fully on the exciting opportunities to create new and beautiful environments, and with my truly gifted partner in this endeavor, it is exciting to see our individual talents enhanced by the input of the other!  It's a great new adventure and we look forward to each new job!


We enjoy the diversity of home staging challenges but feel our expertise is in occupied homes.  It is fun working with the homeowners and the creativity involved in rearranging existing items, removing clutter and maybe adding a few key accessories.  It is a cost-effective process that appeals to both our artistic and practical natures.  However, each project has its own rewards and certainly vacant house staging is an area we also enjoy.  Whether it's a new home or an older one without a current occupant, it is an opportunity to re-create an environment and relieve the client of all the busy work.  We provide a shopping and/or rental service and also help arrange for cleaning, painting, storage and necessary repairs.


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