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Get to Know Erik Hitzelberger

Such an innocuous title.  An invitation to peek behind the curtain and see the inner workings of the one pulling the levers.  Yet, what we often see behind the curtain is another facade, a red-carpet version aimed at appealing to the least common denominator.  Rarely, if ever, do you get to see the chain-smoking, head-shaving, underwear-forgetting version. 

In my role as real estate agent, I ask (sometimes even demand) that you reveal information that is the most personal in nature.  You tell me of your finances, of your problems (occasionally way more than I ask for) and most importantly of your dreams.  You shed light into details about which your closest friends and families remain in the dark.  Be assured that I value this trust and hold it sacred.  Even so, it remains a one-sided transaction.  You make a deposit and receive a receipt.  A mere token in return for what you have shared.  

Today, I’m ending this practice.  I’m returning your trust with my own.  This ‘About Me’ is who I am.  I am a real person with real ideas, real dreams, real experiences and yes, real flaws (chain-smoking, head-shaving, and underwear-forgetting are not included in them—sorry to disappoint). 

I can’t believe that I’m doing this, but here goes…

Most importantly, I am a husband and a dad to twin 10-year olds.  My actions, my decisions, and my life are directed by these two simple titles that define two very complicated roles.  My greatest joys are the successes of my children and my greatest fears involve failing them or my wife in some manner.  More than anything else, when the days that I have been granted here are gone, I’d consider my life a success if my final marker reads, “Loving Husband and Father”. 

Like you, I have personality traits that influence my approach to life, work, relationships, etc.  I am loyal, hard-working, devoted, introverted (writing this is difficult) and have a somewhat warped sense of humor.  I appreciate the ability to enjoy some of the finer things in life, but I am truly more comfortable with the simple ones.  I’d choose spending a summer afternoon having drinks with friends, watching the kids play and grilling hamburgers to most any other activity you’d propose. 

(Ugh, that sounded like an ad for Match.com.  I hope no one is still reading)

My outlook on life is defined by my experiences.  I have been blessed with children, family, friends, successes in my career, and opportunities to better myself.  To that end, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Business, and a Kentucky Real Estate License.  I have also endured the worst events that a parent can suffer and, in doing so, earned a degree for which no amount of studying can prepare you.  With each event, each relationship, each opportunity and each challenge, my views evolve.  Such is true for all of us because, when it comes to Life, we are all students.      

I do not define myself by a job title.  However, I do take my job as a REALTOR® very seriously. In particular, I hold my fiduciary responsibilities sacrosanct.  As a result, I will always keep your needs and wants in the forefront of every recommendation that I make.  Occasionally, this may mean telling you something that you NEED to hear regardless of whether you WANT to hear it. 

Enough rambling already.

If you like what you read, send me an email or better yet, call (502-921-3989).  I’d appreciate the opportunity to work towards meeting your goals.  If I am not the person you think you’d be comfortable with, it’s probably best that you move on.  Buying and Selling real estate requires respect, trust, and teamwork.  Entering into an uneasy relationship is not the best way to achieve these goals.

 Holy Cow, where is the delete key?!


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Specializing in Louisville including Middletown, Jeffersontown (J-Town), Fern Creek, Okolona, as well as the Bullitt County areas of Shepherdsville, Mt Washington, Hillview and Brooks.