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The problem is that if you're like the vast majority of people you've thought about investing in real estate but the lack of time, experience and know-how has stopped you - until now!

You can now leverage your money and our time, experience and know-how to create and hold wealth in what is one of the best real estate markets in the world. We use proven investment systems to buy the right types of properties in the right place at the right times. We rely on sound, proven fundamentals and not unreliable emotions when we chose properties -the kinds of fundamentals that can only be developed through hard work and experience.

Using sound underlying economic fundamentals and removing the emotions out of our decision making process, we can clearly take advantage of the really great investments.

Our approach to real estate investing is unique in the industry. Our key to success in real estate is based on the 3 pillars of Don R. Campbell's Real Estate Investment Network.

Use a proven system - a system responsible for more than $1,600,000,000 in Canadian real estate investments. Establish key relationships - we have built our Power Team of realtors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, property managers, investors and all the key players required to run a successful investment company. Action - we have been actively investing in real estate in the Canadian market working primarily with investors like you.

Having invested in all types of real estate we have learned that the best long-term wealth creation method is to buy and hold properties long term. We specialize in acquisition, value-added and management of single and multi-unit dwellings.

We target undervalued, revenue generating properties, foreclosures and multi-unit dwellings. By observing market trends and by capitalizing on time sensitive, unique opportunities we create high returns for our investors.

We offer highly lucrative joint venture relationships with our investors so that they can profit from the booming real estate market. We offer a proven track record, proven results and proven management knowledge based on real assets with regular cash-flow and equity growth.

Our vision is to create financial freedom for our investors through well-selected real estate investments.

Trust and integrity are important to us and we recognize that every relationship is unique and different. You are entitled to full disclosure before every investment and encouraged to seek independent legal and accounting advice. You will also have complete access to our books during every joint venture relationship.

You get both your money and us working for you. We do all the work - find the right properties, rent them out, manage them, collect the money - even fix the toilets late at night. Your only concern will be to decide how you would like to get your money. Will that be direct deposit or cheque?


Real estate has many advantages over other types of investments. There are seven main reasons why any sophisticated investor would have real estate as part of his/her investment portfolio:

Leveragability - Real Estate is a "hard asset" which makes financing easy. This means that you, the Investor, can benefit from leverage and substantially increase your ROI. Based on a typical 25% down payment, the return dramatically increases as compared to a non-leveraged instrument such as stocks or mutual funds. You may wish to look to the next section for an illustration of the leveraging effect. Positive Cash Flow - Real Estate is a cash generating investment particularly in the long term. This allows you to have someone else pay off the mortgage, taxes, and maintenance. After all expenses are paid the investment provides cash flow that keep up with inflation. This cash flow can be used for supplemental retirement income. Principal Reduction - As the tenants pay rent, they cover the mortgage payments, taxes, and utilities. They also help to pay off a portion of the principal on the mortgage. Over 25 years, this will end up paying off the entire mortgage and the owner is left with a property free and clear of a mortgage. When we invest in Real Estate, we typically have a 1st mortgage which is principal and interest payments. With a 25 yr 5.5%, 75% mortgage, the average principal reduction will be approximately 2% of the original mortgage per year for the first 5 years. That's additional "Cash in Hand" upon sale or refinancing. Capital Appreciation - Through the selection of the correct property, in the right town, in the right area, one can begin to increase the appreciation above the market trends. Include additional activities such as value added enhancements, creative marketing, and other efforts, a sophisticated investor can drastically force the appreciation of a property. This is a unique feature of investing in real estate that other investment vehicles do not offer and, as in many cases, is the secret to the greatest profits. Wealth Creation - Real Estate values have increased significantly over the last 25 years and have proven to be a powerful method of creating wealth over time. While values are increasing, debt is being reduced. Equity increases through both processes to increase your wealth. Combat Inflation - In times of inflation, when purchasing power is declining, individuals as well as investors seek 'hard' or 'real' assets to maintain wealth. Real Estate is an excellent vehicle to hedge against inflation as its value increases at least as much as (and historically more than) the rate of inflation. Diversification - As part of any portfolio, real estate allows you to reduce the risk by holding real assets. You can also diversify by holding real estate in different areas that vary by economic class. Finally, within one city, you can purchase multiple buildings or different building types to diversify within the same asset class.

We are currently experiencing booming real estate statistics (increasing new home starts, increasing resale home values and decreasing vacancy rates) and you can profit from the current Alberta Real Estate Boom.

You've heard it said that time is money and timing is critical in any investment. The current real estate market is hot and it will continue to be hot. But you need to get in now to take advantage of the power of compounding. Compounding is not only the ability to make money with your money but also to make money on the appreciation of the total real estate value. This will bring you dramatically higher returns in a matter of only a few years - and in some markets, that is how long it is expected to last - so you need to act now.

When it comes to location, management and selection - there are certain provinces and cities that are better than others. Alberta is the number one hot spot in all of North America right now, and within the province, certain cities are destined to succeed while others are risky investments. We know these markets and can guide you into wise choices.


Greg Tonn and Gabriele P Campbell co- authored The EasySell System, as a practical tool for people to use to help them sell property on their own.