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Realtor experienced in all types of residential real estate sales and purchase; special focus on sales of property within probate, trust and conservatorship. Knowledgeable of short sale procedures.

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For more than 20 years I have successfully assisted people with one of the most important processes they will ever go through, the purchase or sale of their home.  Real estate transactions are among the most complicated legal situations anyone will ever face and it's important to have someone on your side who is knowledgeable and committed to your best interests.  There's much more to real estate than finding the right house or buyer.  In fact, some states require the involvement of an attorney in the execution of real estate contracts, in addition to your Realtor.

Most real estate purchase contracts are at least 10 pages in length and require both buyer and seller to make several very important choices, aside from acceptable price.  I have the knowledge and experience to untangle the legal language and make it understandable, so that you are fully aware of your options and can make completely informed decisions.

Today's real estate market is complex, beset by rapidly changing products and procedures and I'm here to help.  For those looking to sell their homes, the process of securing a qualified buyer who can make it successfully to close of escrow has gotten more challenging.  Sellers today are confronted with ever increasing regulation, regarding disclosures they must make to potential buyers.  I offer advice designed to protect homeowners from liability and provide resources to get the deal closed.  For buyers, this market offers unprecedented opportunity to become a home owner.  Home prices and loan rates are lower than they've been in many years.  I can offer buyers the resources to help them secure just the right home, at the right price and under the best possible terms.

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Whether you're a person contemplating the sale of real estate or a buyer looking for their first home purchase, I have the experience to help you.

For buyers, who want to take advantage of today's lower home prices and loan interest rates, but who lose out time and again in multiple offer situations, I can offer purchase success strategies.  I am able to help buyers find the best deals, get the best loans available and actually get a house, despite the competition.  Because of my work with probates and trusts, I have a current, hands on knowledge of markets throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

For sellers, who find they must sell despite the decrease in their home's market value, I can offer marketing strategies, which maximize buyer interest and the ultimate sale price acquired for their home.  These strategies take full advantage of the way today's buyers search for property, providing maximum exposure and the means to track who's looking at their property and in what numbers.

A good percentage of my real estate career has been and remains involved with assisting Executors and Administrators move through the emotionally difficult and overwhelming task of managing sale of real property within the estate of a friend or family member, who has passed away.  I first assist them in understanding the process and figuring out where to begin.  If they don't already have legal assistance, I offer referrals to good local attorneys.  I provide resources to help with sorting and disposition of personal effects, as well as cleaning and preparation of the real estate for sale.  I understand the differences, between standard sales and those conducted within probate, and how to make the process as smooth as possible for the estate representatives and their attorneys.  It's not an easy process, but my clients have me as a partner, from listing to close of escrow.

In the current market, my focus has expanded to include those who are struggling with burdensome mortgages.  Often these people have homes which aren't worth as much as is owed on them.  Homeowners would like to negotiate a settlement with their lender, but perhaps they aren't sure where to begin.  Many times their lenders are difficult to reach and unsympathetic.  I can help these sellers sort through the confusion and get moving toward solution.  A short sale is far less damaging to future credit than a foreclosure, but the procedure for approval is not an easy one.  I can offer resources to help people move through the short sale process more quickly and with greater chances of a successful outcome.

For buyers, intrigued by short sale values, but apprehensive about the circulating horror stories regarding short sale timelines and requirements, I offer guidance to understanding what's happening, so that they can secure a good home, often avoiding the steep competition on bank-owned properties.  Many times, those homes being sold through short sale are in much better condition than their bank-owned counterparts, as well.  Being informed makes being patient much easier.


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