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How the System Works


Monthly mailings of vivid, full bleed, color postcards featuring pre-tested representative monthly images and messages that make your name and service stand out... consistently & memorably. Designed and packaged for you with your name and photo so that all you have to do is mail them! (Or, let us do it for you!) Gets your name in front of your customers and prospects every month with no hard-sell turn-off! People actually save these cards! They are read... and remembered. Keeps your name and service top-of-mind for pennies per customer! There is no more cost-effective way to do your prospecting while you spend your own time listing and closing sales! The Stay In Touch Follow-Up SystemTM is now used by over 8,500 of the most successful Real Estate sales professionals in the US and Canada! Don't take our word for it; hear what they say. The Stay In Touch Follow-Up SystemTM is a never-fail follow-up program that plants the seeds for your success. Our oversized colorful postcards will communicate with all of your prospects and clients in a way that is thoughtful, timely, and effective. Bigger results... Bigger profits; Imagine the possibilities. Each month, you will be staying in touch with: Past customers/clients Social club members Relatives Country club members Insurance companies Chamber of Commerce members Former co-workers The list goes on and on....................



When I first began working in the real estate industry as a Broker over thirty years ago, I found myself seraching for an effective way to attract and maintain clients.  I soon realized that success within any industry is all about forming relationships.  For this reason, I developed the Stay In Touch Follow-Up System.  Seventeen years have passed since the creation of the Stay In touch System and since that time, I have seen thousands of professionals grow their businesses exponentially with the help of my system.

The System is the only prospecting tool you will ever need!!! No gimmicks: Just solid proven reasoning.


I work with real estate professionals on how to make postcards their #1 marketing weapon to build their businesses ...