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Get to Know Corey Matelli

 I am a Reverse Mortgage Specialist, offering the very best in Reverse Mortgage service and products from four of the leading lenders in America.  There are so many choices out there for reverse mortgage, it can be overwhelming.  Because I am not employed by any one of these companies, my loyalty is unquestionably dedicated to my clients and their loved ones.  I will not only walk through the entire process with them, but I will maintain our relationship for the rest of their lives.

 My clients don't simply find a knowledgable professional when they come to me, but they make a friend they know has their best interest at heart.  This has been, and will always be my first concern when serving seniors and their loved ones. 

 What's in it for you?  If you are a mortgage broker, you very well may qualify for our commission-sharing program.  Contact me for more information.  For every professional, I will represent you well.  I take referrals very seriously.  I'm serving you as much as I'm serving the client. 

 I serve throughout Northern California and beyond, so don't be afraid to contact me thinking I'm limited to a specific market.

My mission statement is simple:  Empowering seniors and their loved ones to move forward in their lives, by Reverse Mortgage.


People have many choices when it comes to reverse mortgages these days.  There are many new "players" in the industry, and it can be overwhelming.  I provide the reverse mortgage products of four leaders in the reverse mortgage world, Bank of America, Bank of New York (THE leader in fixed rate HECM and Jumbo reverse mortgages), Financial Freedom and Countrywide Home Loans.  Now people can do side-by-side comparisons in one place. 

I spend a great deal of time studying the latest trends and products which relate to seniors and reverse mortgage. 

As a professional who truly puts people first, I have never found it difficult to earn the trust and loyalty of my clients, and they know they have mine.  I love serving seniors and empowering them to live their golden years on their terms.  Living a life not of limitations, but possibilities!


Serving the best interests of seniors all over NorCal, and beyond. We offer the latest adjustable and fixed rate reverse mortgages of leading lenders including Bank of America and Financial Freedom.