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Flagstaff , AZ 86001

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Our homes are where we live, dream, love, and plan our lives. Your goals become ours, and the Flagstaff Top Producers team takes every step necessary to meet them.

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The real estate industry is known for changing at lightning speed. For the best possible customer service, and the highest level of success, it is critical to be on top of these market changes as they occur. At Flagstaff Top Producers Real Estate, we accomplish this by having a diverse staff of professionals who are singularly focused on their areas of expertise. With a keen understanding of the real estate industry's dynamics, the ability to connect personally with each client, and the determination to deliver only the highest standards of service, Flagstaff Top Producers Real Estate's Team not only meets expectations, they exceed them. With a dedication to setting the standard for leadership and customer service in Flagstaff, Flagstaff Top Producers Real Estate is the right choice for anyone in need of skilled, results driven professionals who go that extra step for their clients, each and every day.

Located in the beautiful, quietly unpretentious surroundings of Flagstaff, Arizona, where beauty meets the eye through every window, Flagstaff Top Producers Real Estate is an unassuming office teeming with a rich history of award-worthy results. What began as a father and daughter enterprise has blossomed into an extraordinarily successful real estate team of experienced professionals. At Flagstaff Top Producers Real Estate, the foundation of our success is within our team.


Valerie Caro is a 30 year resident of Flagstaff and is a woman who strives for excellence in every aspect of her life. With 21 years of Real Estate experience, she is the driving force behind our team's success. Valerie is polished, thorough, and extremely competent in her expertise and knowledge of the Flagstaff real estate market. Her extensive experience ranges from exclusive residential and land sales to condominium project development. Valerie's experience attracts both new and returning clients who trust her to get the job done and she continually exceeds their expectations. Commitment, honesty and enthusiasm demonstrated in her personal life are transferred equally to her professional life. She is dedicated to building long term relationships, continuous self-improvement, and providing a friendly professional atmosphere. Valerie's experience has enabled her to facilitate many business transactions and benefit the clients she serves.


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