Sam S. Spade, The FHA Condos Approval Company, Inc. (The FHA Condos Approval Company, Inc.)

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Mount Vernon , WA 98273

We are a national company that can get your condominium complex HUD/FHA approved so you can offer FHA low down financing. We will get you approved or you pay nothing*. Call us at (360) 562 0406

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You now need to be HUD and FHA approved before your condominium complex can offer FHA loans to your buyers. Once your complex is approved you must be recertified every 2 years.

We can get Your Condos HUD/FHA Approved! According to DQ News just under 40% of the mortgages and just over 60% of first time condo buyers were FHA-Insured.

We are so confident in our national approval program that you pay nothing until your condominium community has been 100% HUD/FHA Approved!

Call 360 562 0406


HUD/FHA or VA Condominium Complex Approval. FEMA Flood Map Packages.

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