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Rev. Dr. Betty Perryman
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Get to Know Rev. Dr. Betty Perryman

I am Rev. Dr. Betty Perryman I spent years as a Family Services minister. I worked beside my husband Richie. We coached couples and families in grief. Over the years we have co-authored several books on the subject of grief. Our research proved time and again that as people are affected by life situations it is reflected in their environment. We also observe as our clients begin to take action to release these emotions associated with the clutter and chaos that surrounds them, their life circumstances began to change proportionally. I have a doctorate in theology from ETSU. While researching comparative religions and cultures I studied Feng Shui (translated means wind and water). Feng Shui is the art of intentional placement to create a desired change in life circumstances. I was intrigued by this concept. I was also researching our family genealogy at the time and was fascinated with the great honor the Chinese placed on their ancestral burial-grounds, which parallels our western take on cemeteries. The more I studied Feng Shui the more I adopted the clean environment, equals a healthy, prosperous mind/body approach to living. I am certified through the Anderson Institute of Classical Feng Shui. I am a member of Staggers International and The American Feng Shui Society of Practitioners and the International directory of Feng Shui Practitioners Guild. I am honored to serve as your professional Feng Shui Consultant.  


Real Estate Professionals work with me because I assemble the best of the best team to photograph and render drawings, take compass readings, professionally organize, professionally landscape and design interior spaces and home offices that create the ultimate efficient use of the space, and based on directional location of the home, the build date, and the occupant profile we create a harmonious and balanced space that will welcome positive flow of energy through-out the space. We utilize the principles of the art of staging the environment to create change. We help the client understand the effects a cluttered environment can have on the potential close. The negative energy of a dark and or cluttered home can repel potential sales. We work hand and hand with the real estate professional and their client to achieve their desired change while staging the environment and the owner. The agent and client both discover that they to stage2sale we see the holistic entity of the transaction. The house for sale is a home for the buyer. The home is staged to "court" a potential new family. This is our mission to stage4change as we stage2sale. Feng Shui is often called the outward result of an internal issue it is our job to help your client Release*Declutter*Receive.


I teach Feng Shui Principles to real estate professionals so they may make recommendations to clients to counter-balance man-made & natural environments and the effect each has on human behavior and t