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Eric Hernandez
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Get to Know Eric Hernandez

Why should someone choose me as their real estate agent?

I was the DC principle broker and VA Associate Broker for Keller Williams Realty and the VA Principle broker & DC Associate broker for VA for the Keller Williams Realty office in N. Arlington. I was in the position for over 4 years and recently I have decided to move my focus to my clients.

What the broker position has taught me is how important it is to be up to date on current technology and methods to get real estate sold and bought but it has also taught me that customer service and having a personal touch is still very much an important part of this industry. I take great pride in going above and beyond the average responsibilities of a real estate agent. I have countless of stories of me from helping repair plumbing to being a witness at a client's wedding (long story but we have become good friends and laugh about it). It is also hard not to become friends with your clients and I really have enjoyed that aspect of this career. This to me has also become very important because if you don't like me how could you spend so much time with me since Buying or Selling a home is not an overnight process.

Being a broker for two office has also taught me about a majority of issues that could come up in a real estate transaction and how to resolve them. Better yet, how to avoid them. It is crucial to have someone that understands contracts especially around here since the only time you really use an attorney is at the settlement table or when you are in a law suite and who wants to be a law suit. I do keep up to date with current real estate laws. I still have agents asking me for advice which I willing give out to them.

Last reason why you should select me as your agent is because I have a fantastic team. We have sold numerous properties before they have even hit the market which someone with four large aggressive dogs greatly appreciated. I realized that one person CAN NOT do everything. There are numerous positions in real estate and I found out that is better to have a specialist in different positions. So my team consists of a Marketing Director, Sales Rep, Listing Specialist, Admin and me. I am very familiar with every aspect of my business and this because it is my business, now I will say that I sometime annoy my employees but in the end they realize that I am only trying to make sure that all of our client end up with the best service.


I have been in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC areas for the past 34 years and things have really changed.  Entire neighborhoods have come and gone but the one thing about this area is that the population continues to grow.  For this one reason I continue to expand my knowledge about different neighborhoods inside and right outside the beltway.  Alexandria City, Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Reston, Annandale, Springfield, McLean, Vienna and Washington DC are some the main areas that I specialize in.  This may seem like a lot info to maintain but I have grown up and have lived here all my life.  I know most of Northern VA and DC like the back of my hand.  I also continue to expand my knowledge of the real estate industry.  I am currently an Associate Broker with The Keller Williams Realty Office in Old Town Alexandria.  I hold a Broker's license for VA and DC


2101 Wilson Blvd #100, Arlington, VA 22201