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Will Nesbitt, Nesbitt Realty is a family-run brokerage. (Nesbitt Realty at Condo Alexandria) Real Estate Agent



Will Nesbitt
Nesbitt Realty is a family-run brokerage.
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Will Nesbitt has a special focus on Alexandria and Fairfax County expecially near Mount Vernon. Will also works in and around Arlington and Falls Chuch VA.


Meet the Nesbitts!

A look at our brokerage and our family


Will Nesbitt is the Principal Broker of Nesbitt Realty and he is licensed as a broker in the State of Maryland and Commonwealth of Virginia. 


Nesbitt Realty focuses on serving the communities of Old Town, Mount Vernon, New Alexandria, Seminary Hill and Arlington Ridge. Condo-Alexandria.com has built a strong following among condo owners in Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church and other areas of Northern Virginia.  The offices of Nesbitt Realty and Condo Alexandria are located along the Potomac River in Fairfax County near the City of Alexandria. We serve Northern Virginia buyers, sellers, renters and landlords of real estate, fine homes & condominiums.

Morad B.
I purchased a Home for the first time in august of 2009. I used Will Nesbitt, a complete gentleman with so much class who dedicates his personal time to his clients. At one point I felt so bad for him because he was taking me to woodbridge, lorton and all over fairfax county when I was looking for my first home....I never once heard him complain about his time or the gas he was spending driving me all over the place...It's not like I was buying a million dollar Home...He knew that I was looking for something under 250k and yet that did not deter him from granting me his entire focus and attention which I still appreciate till today....I ended up buying a condo through him where I still reside...
Rick M.
The Nesbitt Realty team were incredibly patient and helpful throughout the home buying process. I had watched a couple of episodes of "Property Virgin" and thought I knew everything I needed to know about purchasing my first condo. Luckily for me Will and his staff enjoy educating their clients about the home buying process and walked me through each step as if we were longtime friends. The other thing that really stood out to me was the fact that Will, Stuart, and the rest of the Nesbitt team never pressured me to spend a dime more than I had budgeted for, even though I qualified for more than I was willing to spend (this is a common complaint I hear from friends who have gone through the home buying process recently). I'm now possibly moving from the DC area and Will and his staff have been great in laying out all of my options as it relates to selling vs renting. The entire staff is quick to respond to emails and phone calls and I am 100% that if I decide to rent that Will, Stuart, and the rest of the team will treat my property as if it's there own. If you're looking to purchase a home or condo, especially as a first time buyer, in the NOVA area I highly recommend Nesbitt Realty.
Chris A.
I rented from Nesbitt Realty for one year, and I must say that my experience was magnificent. Will Nesbitt--and all who worked with him, including family members-- was always professional and considerate of me and my needs, both as a customer and as a person. With these points in mind, I want to mention one of my own stories. Only a month after moving into my apartment, I was locked out of my unit. This situation was completely my own fault, and with that point in mind, a typical company would have charged me a small (or maybe a large) fee for opening the door. I called Will Nesbitt from my cell phone, asking if someone could be sent to open my door. Well, Will didn't send anyone--because he came to let me in himself! He was in the area that day (as he was most days), so he stopped by to let me in. He was there within five minutes of the phone call. Although he may normally charge a fee (a reasonable enough policy), he did not do so in that occasion, because he was just being nice enough to lend a helping hand to a (then) relatively new tenant. That is just one example of how Nesbitt Realty goes above and beyond in truly serving their customers and tenants. I could share many more examples, but as I do not have time to write the next great American novel (and as many prospective tenants may not have time to read it), I will just stop with this one example. In closing, I just want to say that I, for one, had a great experience with Nesbitt Realty, and that I encourage you to do the same. You'll be glad you did. Sincerely, Christopher Altman
Kevin M
Will & Stuart Nesbitt of Nesbitt Realty have far exceeded my expectations of fulfilling me needs in securing and maintaining the rental unit. An incredibly professional organization. The most outstanding part of our relationship is how they have treated me with COMPASSION and fairness. I ENTHUSIASTICALLY support Nesbitt Realty. Kevin Mondloch
Eric B
When I first started to think about possibly buying a place, I expected it would be a lot like buying a car, where many attempts would be made to talk me into things I didn't want or couldn't afford. Will was not like that at all! He made my first home buying experience as pleasant as it could have been, and was extremely helpful along the way, answering questions and giving me insights I never expected to get. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Will to anyone I know who is thinking about buying a place.
Mark T
Nesbitt Realty is the best realtor I've worked with in my 32 years in the military and as a civil servant working for the Department of Defense. I was having difficulty connecting with a realtor who would take the time to find me a suitable place in the Belle View area. I contacted Stuart Nesbitt and he was exceptionally helpful while I was still living in Cambridge, MA. Stuart not only sent me a long list of properties to view but set up appointments based on my schedule on three different days. Most importantly, he got to know me and anticipated my needs and found the perfect property that fit my lifestyle and pocketbook. He knows the Belle View area far better than the other realtors I worked with and was greeted as a friend many times as we walked around the Belle View Condo complex. Stuart is a true professional and the hardest working realtor I've ever met. He has my highest recommendation.

Our clients trust us because Nesbitt Realty is family business with experience serving buyers, sellers, renters & landlords in Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church & Fairfax Co.